Flower Headband for Infant

I took all of my crafting stuff with me on vacation, and I was SO glad I did!  I had lots of fun making crafts with friends and family and I got some really great ideas.  One of my friends mentioned that she had ordered a headband online and when it arrived, she realized it had been made using nylons.  Then my sister in law said she had seen the same thing!  I had to try it, so when I got home… I did.  The nylons I bought weren’t high quality because I mostly wanted to play with the craft and figure it out.

I started by pulling a flower apart:

Then I glued it together with E6000:

I stitched a little pearl bead to the middle:

My daughter painted my nails by the way.  They look really good and totally and completely neat (snort).

Once the bead had been stitched on, I did not cut the thread.  I left it long so I could stitch the flower to the cheap nylon.  Speaking of the cheap nylon, make sure you cut a pretty good-sized piece off.  It bunches and rolls up once the flower is put on:

Bunch up a piece where you want to stitch the flower:

And then stitch it on!

I’m pretty happy with how it turned out!  I just need to find a baby to try it on before I start handing them out at baby showers.

I also want to try a few with tiny little crochet flowers attached to them.  I made this one, but I don’t like the flower very much.  I was experimenting.  But to get idea of what it might look like:

Crochet Rug

I finished my kitchen rug!

I made it using two sheets that I cut into one continuous strip like so:

You don’t cut all the way to end, but when you start a new strip, you start at the beginning and cut.  It doesn’t make much sense to SAY it, but it I show it… it might help.

I’m glad to have it done!  All it took was a honkin’ sized crochet hook and single crochet stitching.

Fabric Pumpkins

It’s time to pull out your fabric scraps and make pumpkins!!  They’re so easy and ridiculously cute that you can’t NOT make a few!

I still need to tie ribbon on mine, but check out the HOW TO by clicking on the link below:


Simple Aprons -Cooking Party Favors!

I have lots and lots and cousins, and I’m fortunate enough to live near quite a few of them.  One of them turned ten a few days ago, and for her birthday party had a cooking theme.  My aunt paid for some fabric, and I made seven little lap aprons.  The girls really like tie-dyed stuff… I hop they liked them!  We have a really limited fabric selection around here.  Not much to work with!

Usually when I make this style of apron, I only add one pocket and it is much smaller.  But I really thought there should be more of the patterned fabric, so I jumbo-sized the pockets and put two on them.

I hope the girls like them!

This week, I’ve got about three crochet projects to finish and I’m only going to stop to make a candy corn tree.  Someone posted a link on twitter this morning, and I can’t wait to try it!

I’m a lover of all things candy corn.

Pictures to come!

Beenie Weather!

This week I have a break.  I have time to catch up on crochet projects that people have ordered, and I’m so happy to do it!  There’s nothing better than sitting down to a good chick flick and getting some crochet in.  Yesterday, I started off by crocheting two beenie hats for a silent auction. 

The auction is being held for a 29 year old woman named Valerie who is fighting cancer.  If you’re in the Mesa-ish area, you can attend!  If you’re not, you can still donate online.

Check out the info by clicking HERE .

Pile O’Craft

When I log onto my blog, I can see how many people visited my site and what sites referred me.  I’ve been getting a few hits from a site called:

Pile o’ Craft

I searched it out a few weeks ago and found out something I should have known MUCH MUCH earlier.  But I didn’t.  Because I’m a loser of a cousin.

It’s an amazing site run by my three cousins!!  I admire all of them individually for different reasons, and the three of them have gotten together (though they all live miles apart) to create, build, and update this amazing site.

They’re all sisters.

Kourtney is the oldest.  Her posts are generally about card making.

Jackie is the middle sister.  Her posts concern cooking healthy, budget-friendly meals.

Lindy is the youngest.  Her posts are all about decorating on a budget (which as a NEWLY WED she does A LOT of).

I have to say: this site is really really amazing.  I wish I had taken notice of it sooner.

And NOT just because we all have the same maiden name.

I’m seriously dying to make some of Lindy’s candlesticks.  Seriously.

click HERE to check it out!

If you scroll down a few posts, you can see the fabric pumpkins I made a few weeks ago.  Do you want a few??

Here’s how to get them:

Click on the Pile o’ Craft link above.

Become a follower of that site.

Come back here and leave a comment letting me know you did.

I’ll draw one winner at random and they will receive two fabric pumpkins in the mail (unless they live a few streets down.  then I’ll hand deliver).

**It must here be noted that my cousins have no idea that I’m pimping their site for pumpkins.  So don’t tell them.  Just follow them.**

I was finishing up a few pumpkins yesterday when I got a rash thought. A couple years ago, my aunt had given me a small tree skirt with a John Deere theme: And so I…

All it took was a little burlap stem! I laughed the entire time I made it and then as quick as it was done (and I’d taken a picture) I delivered it to my mom. Now I’m on the look out for other kooky pumpkin material.


New Post

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Don’t Leave. Don’t Panic. It’s Just… Change.

I usually hate change.

I usually balk at the word and run and hide under my covers, chanting, “I’m a conservative, I’m a conservative…”  But today?  Today’s change is BY FAR for the best.  Hand in hand with my brilliant designer, Brittany, this blog will soar to new heights.  Or, rather, it will soar to the exact height it used to be at.

Either way, I’m pretty stinking excited.

I took some “alone time” last night to get my site squared away.  After I got off the phone with Robert, my new BFF consulting partner, I didn’t have anything to do at all.  Usually with my alone time, I blog.  Last night, I sort of stared at my facebook and wondered what on earth I should do with my life.  Then I called Brittany, talked to her about the blog, talked to her about her graduation, talked to her about family pictures, talked to her about my brother, talked to her about “Clash of the Titans” and then we got off the phone.

I woke up this morning and kick started my new blog.

You have the exciting opportunity to WATCH my blog build because I’m not cool enough to wait until it’s built to introduce it.  If you want to wait, don’t come back until I say so.  If you don’t care… welcome!