Flower Headband for Infant

I took all of my crafting stuff with me on vacation, and I was SO glad I did!  I had lots of fun making crafts with friends and family and I got some really great ideas.  One of my friends mentioned that she had ordered a headband online and when it arrived, she realized it had been made using nylons.  Then my sister in law said she had seen the same thing!  I had to try it, so when I got home… I did.  The nylons I bought weren’t high quality because I mostly wanted to play with the craft and figure it out.

I started by pulling a flower apart:

Then I glued it together with E6000:

I stitched a little pearl bead to the middle:

My daughter painted my nails by the way.  They look really good and totally and completely neat (snort).

Once the bead had been stitched on, I did not cut the thread.  I left it long so I could stitch the flower to the cheap nylon.  Speaking of the cheap nylon, make sure you cut a pretty good-sized piece off.  It bunches and rolls up once the flower is put on:

Bunch up a piece where you want to stitch the flower:

And then stitch it on!

I’m pretty happy with how it turned out!  I just need to find a baby to try it on before I start handing them out at baby showers.

I also want to try a few with tiny little crochet flowers attached to them.  I made this one, but I don’t like the flower very much.  I was experimenting.  But to get idea of what it might look like:

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