Memorial Day v. Doughnuts

“Mom, where’s the doughnuts?”
“Trent, we aren’t here for the doughnuts. We are here to show our great-grandpas how grateful we are that they were soldiers in wars. See the flags?”
“Why did they go to that war?”
“To fight and be brave for our country. Does that make sense?”
“Um, confusing… but kind of makes sense.”
“Well, we aren’t here for doughnuts. It’s not about doughnuts. It’s about being grateful and remembering. It’s about SOLDIERS.”
“But where are the DOUGHNUTS? Grandma said…”

At least I have a few more years to educate him before he flees the coop.
In the meantime, we’ll remember our grandpas, living and gone, who served.
We kicked off our morning by weeding the graves of our grandfather soldiers, and we’ll end our day with a visit to Grandpa Click…

Great-grandpa Hansen, we love you.

Great-grandpa Spurlock, you’re not forgotten:

We wish we could get to Grandpa Deets grave as well. We love, respect, and LOVE you all.
More than doughnuts.
Despite what Trent says.