Simple Aprons -Cooking Party Favors!

I have lots and lots and cousins, and I’m fortunate enough to live near quite a few of them.  One of them turned ten a few days ago, and for her birthday party had a cooking theme.  My aunt paid for some fabric, and I made seven little lap aprons.  The girls really like tie-dyed stuff… I hop they liked them!  We have a really limited fabric selection around here.  Not much to work with!

Usually when I make this style of apron, I only add one pocket and it is much smaller.  But I really thought there should be more of the patterned fabric, so I jumbo-sized the pockets and put two on them.

I hope the girls like them!

This week, I’ve got about three crochet projects to finish and I’m only going to stop to make a candy corn tree.  Someone posted a link on twitter this morning, and I can’t wait to try it!

I’m a lover of all things candy corn.

Pictures to come!

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