“You Have Two Hands…”

“…make it yourself.”
~Danielle, Ever After

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I love the movie Ever After. And I love it when she wakes up from an all-nighter with her Prince and really sticks it to her stepmom and sisters.
“What about our breakfast?!”
“You have two hands… make it yourself.”

It’s one of the highlights of the movie -right up there with when she socks Marguerite Precious.
Today’s post comes to you straight from Danielle’s line. While I’m not going to tell you to make your own breakfast (since I’m sure you probably already do, peasant), I AM going to share with you my favorite Make It Myselves.
I love making things on my own.
Hi, my name is Alicia. I’m a wife, a mother, a daughter of amazing parents, a daughter of Heavenly Parents, an aspiring kitchen chemist…
and I’M a Mormon.
I can already see my mormon.org video.
What shirt should I wear?

First off:
English Muffins
These babies got a post of their own on my cooking blog.

I use these like mad cakes. Don’t know how fast a mad cake can be used? Make those English Muffins and you’ll see.

#2) Graham Crackers
My husband never bothered trying these because they didn’t look that great to him. He likes “real” (store bought) graham crackers, thankyouverymuch.
I found this recipe at a blog that no longer exists. It is EXCLUSIVE. Seriously. I found this recipe once, lost it, got so upset that I actually tracked down the author of the blog and asked her where on earth she was posting her recipes because I NEEDED them. Luckily, she actually responded kindly instead of threatening me with a cyber restraining order (don’t know what that is? Look in the dictionary… it comes just before “mad cakes”). She told me where to find her recipes (on the blog that is now gone) and I printed it. And thank goodness. A few weeks ago, I made a double batch of these babies and because we’re following Dave Ramsey’s Starve Yourself Rich Program (if you’re doing Dave Ramsey you know what I’m talkin’ about)… there were no fun snacks in the house. So my husband HAD to resort to homemade graham crackers. Fifteen minutes later, I had to take the bag away from him. He was eating them ALL.
Exclusive Graham Crackers -healthy!
1 C. Whole Wheat Flour
1/3 C. sugar
1/3 C. butter
1 Tbsp. Milk (can use soy)
1/2 C. Oat Flour (made by putting oatmeal in the blender until smooth -super easy)
1/2 tsp. baking soda
2 Tbsp. Honey

Heat butter, honey, and milk in a saucepan over med/low heat until melted.
Pour in dry ingredients and mix until smooth.
Place dough on a greased cookie sheet -roll out until even and smooth.
Bake at 350 for 15 minutes.
Remove from oven, cut into pieces (using a butter knife) immediately.
Enjoy! Store leftovers in fridge.
(Sorry, I don’t have pictures. Everyone eats them too fast.)

#3) Homemade Tortillas.
This is the BEST recipe for tortillas and no foolin. I hate store bought tortillas, so I make these pretty often.

#4) Homemade Comet
I made this by cutting a big flap in the bottom of my empty Comet container and filling it with the above recipe. After it was full, I duct taped the metal flap closed. I refilled my container about 4 times before buying a new container of Comet. The only downside? It does leave water marks, so watch out for that. Other than that, it works really well!

#5) Hands Down BEST EVER Mopping Solution
However, I DO add two tablespoons of Ammonia. It makes me feel more Chemist-y.

#6) Homemade Shout Stain Remover
We LOVE this at our house! The only downside that we’ve experienced is that it clogs up our spray bottle. We still worked with it though, especially since a good stain remover is essential when you use your own homemade laundry detergent.

#7) Homemade Face Paint
This pretty much makes me the coolest mom on the planet. It’s isn’t high quality, but it gets the job done well enough, and I can whip it up anytime. I usually try to keep a soft eyeliner pencil around and a little glitter as well.

#8) Liquid Sidewalk Chalk
This is SO EASY to make, and it keeps my kids happy for at least an hour. It washes right off the cement, and it’s ten times cheaper than sidewalk chalk and MUCH easier to store (you can throw away leftovers so you don’t actually have to store anything at all!).

#9) Homemade Translucent Face Powder
Okay, since I’ve conquered the art of making my own cleaning concoctions, I wasn’t scared to try making my own makeupy things. Yesterday -for the first time ever -I whipped up some cosmetics. And guess what? They work amazing! I used to actively sell Mary Kay products, and I’m tellin’ you: this face powder ranks higher than my Mary Kay. That said: my face is probably different from your face, and you might try this and hold fast to your own beauty supplier. But I’ve made a switch. I now store my finishing powder in an altoid can. And I love it very muchly.

#10) Homemade Eyeshadow Primer
When I was actively selling Mary Kay, I used their eye shadow primer. I wasn’t the biggest fan. I thought I must have been using it wrong. After I ran out, I didn’t restock or bother ever trying another brand because, frankly, I thought it was a big hoax.
Until yesterday. I figured as long as I had all the stuff on hand… what was there to lose? I whipped this up (again in an Altoid can), slathered it on my eyes, let them dry (it was all very Oliver and Company when that snotty white dog sings, “Girl, we’ve got work to do… pass me the paint. and gluuuuuuuuue)… and then I applied my make up with absolutely no expectations WHATSOEVER.
I was WOWED at the difference. My eyeshadow stayed fresh all day! And while my husband didn’t notice one way or the other, I DID! I’m sold! I pledge my vanity to the DIY.

Today I’m going to try Homemade Finger Paints.
I’ll whip some up right after I finish playing with my “new” make-up.
PS: did any of you notice that CORNSTARCH is essential to all this DIY madness? Yeah, I buy it in bulk.


  1. I’m so SO glad you got/are getting your hair fixed. I was sick to my stomach for you before when you spent that much on it and hated it! And (though you probably don’t feel it) you’re looking super cute!
    I have two girls already, and if the next one is a (emotional, eventually hormonal) little girl too, I think we might all go a little bit craaazy. ;-)

    • storylady says:

      Oh the HAIR saga. I felt so vain and superficial, but it’s made all the difference. I’m like a new woman. Ahhhhh…
      And while I know I’ll love this little girl to pieces (just like I love my #1 to pieces), I definitely love the ease of little boys. They stink, but they sure are easier emotionally!

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