I made face paint yesterday morning. We had some visitors come around just in time, and I had the kids line up.
“What would you like to be?” I asked my girl’s best friend, “A butterfly? A kitty?”
“POCAHONTAS!” She said.
I didn’t exactly have Pocahontas in my short file of Things I Can Paint on Faces, but I did my best. I have a darkish shade of mineral foundation on hand, so I brushed her face with that, added some stripes and dots and cat-eyeliner and glitter aaaand:

My daughter wanted the same fix.

As I worked on the girl, Pocahontas leaned in and whispered, “Now we will be sisters.”

And what would two beautiful Indian Princesses be without a fierce warrior to protect them? (Yes, this is his “mad” face):

Scary, right?

We took our three little Indians to the school cafeteria for the summer’s free lunch program, and what to our wondering eyes should appear but a Native American woman, serving the food. When she asked about the paint on their faces, I couldn’t lie.
“Well, they’re Indians. Couldn’t you tell?” I asked, jokingly. And -lucky for me -she giggled and giggled and giggled. Imagine if she’d been offended… but really. Could you be offended?

Some things in life are too cute to be offending.


  1. That Hailee is one pretty little niece.

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