Halloween Traditions

I went shopping on Thursday, and I used up all of my grocery budget save about $20 which I like to keep on hand for milk runs and whatnot. The thing is: I really only bought junk and some bone-in chicken. It’s true that my list read something like this:

Green apples
Caramels for melting
White chocolate for melting

Halloween Candy

Cookies for witch hat cookies
Hershey’s kisses
Red Frosting in a can

Chocolate pudding

Okay, I’ll stop there. Every year during the Halloween season, we make witch hat cookies. I started doing this when it was just my man and I. As I walked around the grocery store, picking up crap here and crap there, I KNEW I should abandon this tradition this year. The last thing I needed was more junk, and the last thing I needed was to use up time making more junk.
But. I. Couldn’t. Abandon. It.
What can I say? I hate change.

Anyway, I didn’t end up making the cookies. The kids did. The girl made some for her preschool party, and both of the kids got together to make them for our family.

I also bought everything I needed to make homemade hot chocolate mix (including marshmallows) because it’s suddenly cold, and during the cold seasons we must have hot chocolate.

Tonight, just before we trick or treat, we’re going to dunk some apples in caramel and let them sit in the fridge while we go out and gather loot. When we get home, we’re going to dunk our caramel apples in melted white chocolate, sprinkle them with cinnamon and sugar and then EAT them while we watch The Wizard of Oz.
Per tradition.

I was reading through my last few blog posts yesterday and I didn’t realize just how much I enjoy Halloween. I guess I ought to get a few decorations beyond my few fabric pumpkins that last not only through October, but November as well.

Aside from our Halloween parties, we hit up the local Halloween carnival put on by the high school. We were going to skip it, but the temptation of fun, candy, fun, and tradition was just too much for us.
Also: we got to take a long a friend.

We get to get all dressed up AGAIN tonight to go door-to-door.

Cousin Dolly was there for us with “great” JuJu to tie balloons.

What’s better than HeMan with his magical sword? HeMan with TWO magical swords.
This was the Hansen’s baby behind us in line at the fishing booth:

I couldn’t NOT take a picture of that perfect pea.

They had face painting:

And then cousins showed up:

This year they even had a pumpkin decorating booth thanks to the Solomon’s Pumpkin Patch. Their pumpkins have provided the town with pumpkins galore! The younger kids used stickers to decorate.

We stopped on our way out and bought treats from a bake sale and then we all shared big pretzels from the front counter.
I can’t believe we get to have even MORE Halloween fun tonight! Do you think the kids will let me get into their pumpkins and make dinner in a pumpkin tonight? Let’s hope so! It sounds GOOD tonight!

Happy Halloween, everyone!

PS: before I go, I have to share the picture I took of the twins I’ve posted about lately.  
They came to the carnival all snuggled up against their mom, and it was just too cute to pass up.
Also: I think I’m going to spend the better part of my day wondering WHY I took pictures of other people’s babies at the Halloween carnival…


  1. Hold the phone…are those brown fuzzy underpants on that He-Man?!


    • storylady says:

      YES, they are! I had more than a little fun making those. The first pair I made were REEEEEEEEALLY snug. The boy loves them. I might have to make a few spare pair and take plenty of pictures. His future bride will thank me.

  2. I saw the Miller twins too!! They were so cute!!! Ok, everyone was so cute!!

  3. Those twins sure are cute…I’m a bit bias though. And it may look funy to carry them around like that but it sure is easier and I love holding them so close. Thanks for the pic!

    • storylady says:

      I need to come over and see all of them! You look great, by the way. I didn’t get a chance to tell you at the carnival.

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