Bright Spot

My computer died and my phone is pretty much FULL of media and apps… meaning when it  decides to work right, it does so at a very safe and comfortable pace. Slow and steady, as my Mama always said.
While my computer sleeps and my phone walks itself to the Mobile Rest Home, I’m kind of bursting. The awesome thing about living in the computer age is I can write things out as fast as they pop into my head. I’m constantly composing in my head -not because I MEAN to but because I was born that way, and I have scribbled up notebooks from the 3rd grade on up to my 3rd child. It’s a LOT of words. Lots of words all over. If I don’t get them OUT of my head, I start driving everyone crazy. My lap top has been everyone’s saving grace, so you can imagine how desperate we all are to get it back up and running.

I have THREE blog posts to write that require my home computer to be functioning.
The first I’m most eager to write about is a report on Operation Christmas Child Box -it is by far the most meaningful and important post I think I’ll ever write, and I’m DYING to get it out.
The second is a great post about a great friend and great woman who lives a few miles from me. She is a WWII survivor, and I can’t wait to share her life and story (and Dutch recipes) with you -she’s granted me permission!
The third is stock full of funny stories from my children who regularly make me question my capabilities as not just a mother but a MORTAL. They ask so many questions. I have no answers. I look in the mirror and wonder why there isn’t a 30-year degree required before raising kids.

In the meantime (and I’m seriously tempted to go to Wal-Mart and BUY a little computer to tide me over -that’s how desperate she gets now), I wanted to at least share something that made my day yesterday.
As a Christmas gift, my sister in law gave me a Mason jar full of beauty supply samples. I took a rare quiet hour yesterday morning and used a few of them while listening to BYU TV’s documentary on The Messiah which is SPECTACULAR.

My hair is my THING. I’m not implying I’m good with hair. I’m actually really NOT, but if my hair looks good, I feel so much better. For some women, it’s their nails or their outfit or shoes. But me? It’s my hair.
Because I haven’t been to a salon in well over a year, it’s looking pretty ratty. Does the new smalltalk “ratchet” apply here? I just don’t know…

I’ve been either straightening it to hide it’s deadness or twisting it up behind my head to hide it’s rattiness. I haven’t curled it in a very long time. Yesterday I fished out one of the samples my sister in law gave me. It had two words on it, “Straight” and “Blow Dry”, and I went, “hey! It’s a HIDE THE DEADNESS day!” and slathered it through my hair.
It smelled good. It smelled like a WOMAN which really did something for me -and if you ever have three kids, two dogs and work at a mechanic shop, you’ll understand what that means…
I dried my hair and started to feel just how heavy my hair wasn’t. I really PUT that stuff in my hair, and it seemed like the more I blow dried, the less it seemed to weigh. My hair started to OBEY me. It really made me feel powerful which really did something for me -and if you ever have three kids, two dogs, and work at a mechanic shop, you’ll understand what that means…

I dusted off my curling iron and put it to work. A few minutes later, my hair looked ALIVE and HEALTHY. And it smelled GOOD! I took the whole thing up a notch and applied a full range of make-up products on my face. Again, this is all really DID things for me.

I took more selfies yesterday than I think I’ve ever taken in one day… like 7. Seriously. I walked out of my house right INTO the rain and my heart dropped a little… maybe I’d just wasted a good hair product?
I took this picture at work after I’d walked through a few drizzles:

I took another picture at lunch time, and then promptly asked my husband on an afternoon date to go Christmas shopping because I had no idea how long The Curl would WIN over The Frizz, and I wanted to wear the curl as many places as possible before it died.
Which I was sure it would.

But it didn’t! I couldn’t believe it. I took my hair through the rain, the humidity, the shopping center, my house (three kids, two dogs…) work, errands, and right before bed it looked like this:

Given the state of my very tired and dead ends, I could not believe it. Imagine what could happen on a freshly trimmed head of hair?! Oh, I swoon.
And to make everything better, the hippie in me is pacified in the products lack of FILLER CRAP (meaning there’s no formaldehyde and parabens) which admittedly keep me from buying beauty products on a regular basis, mostly because I once grew skin tags on my face after regularly using skin care products. I now oil cleanse and use make-up sparingly and actually killed the skin tags with Oregano Essential Oil (feeeeel the burn).

It’s a Bumble and Bumble Product, and I think Santa will slip it under my tree… I mean, if he shops at Amazon.
And he does.
I mean, the elves have GOT to be using this stuff! What, with all that snow.
Check it out HERE.


*This is my very fist post with an affiliate link!  I wanted to tell you about this product because I fell deep in love, and I got to thinking how often I fall deep in love and give out free advertising… so maybe I should try the unfree kind.  Watch out, world, I’m stepping out into advertising with baby deer wobbly legs.