Only a Few Hours

My husband has been gone since early Sunday morning.  When we were first married, I used to CRY when he would leave me alone overnight.  But now?  A week’s worth of no cooking or shaving?  AND I get to watch chick flicks whenever I feel like it?

Sign me up, please!

I pull out projects and made-for-TV movies, and I enjoy my time.  All in all, I’d rather have him here than not, but if I don’t have a choice I make the best of the situation.  I’m not celebrating or anything… but not having to shave for a week in summer IS pretty fantastic.  And also, not cracking my curtains open for one solid day was also pretty fantastic.  Everyone needs a hideaway day, don’t you agree?  I spent Tuesday hiding away.  It was one big fat guilty pleasure.  I didn’t even do my hair.

When I went to get some cold cereal for dinner, I realized there wasn’t a clean bowl or spoon in the house.  HOWEVER, all of my plates and forks and every other dang dish in the house?  They were there.  It was only the bowls and spoons that were dirty.  So I washed a few.  And ate dinner.

Wednesday I had to venture out of my sheCave for mutual, and despite the fact that I had not touched my hair on Tuesday after washing it… my hair looked good.  Thanks to this tutorial:

I give you this tutorial for one purpose: I insist you hide out. I insist you close the windows, let the world go where it may, watch a movie or read a book, don’t touch your hair, don’t eat anything you have to work for… and then before you go out, throw your hair up in a messy bun.
I was surprised at how pretty that crappy bun made me feel.

And now I must leave you. My sheCave must be transformed back into a home. There’s bowls to wash, laundry to do, floors to be vacuumed and legs to be shaved.
See that? Got my kids massaging my hairy legs.
I should have more kids.

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