Rag curls

We have church at 8:30 in the morning.

Church starts at 8:30 which means church lets out at 11:30 which means we’re home by 11:45 which means we’re eating lunch by 1 which means we’re napping by 2. Ideally, anyway. It doesn’t usually work out that smoothly, but on a good day it does.  For the past few months, I’ve french-braided my sleep-loving daughter’s hair on Saturday night after her bath. This makes it easier for her to sleep in longer on Sunday morning.
Sleeping in makes her happier.
Her happier makes me happier.

But this time I decided to try something old school.

I’m no expert. I’m FAR from a beauty queen. But I think with a little practice, we’ll soon be making sweet music. As it is, we didn’t do too badly. Her curls were absolutely adorable this morning.
I was in a hurry (remember 8:30 church), so I didn’t get pictures until after church. ALSO I should tell you that my daughter’s hair doesn’t hold up to much. It takes a lot of work to get it to hold anything at all, and I only tied up the bottom part of her hair.
Her hair is changing colors.  See that?  Curses, how I love that blondie.  I’ll miss it, but I know I’ll love having a brownie as well.  She’s a puppy. She goes by the name Jerusalem these days.
arf, arf.

The hairstyle worked out perfectly for church. And yes, I tried it on myself. I added some lavender essential oil to my spray bottle (not necessary, but oh so delicious smelling), spritzed my hair down, streamed Prison Break and twisted my hair around strips of material and tied them off.
The result? Not exactly as purdy as everything I saw on the Internets. One side looked cute. The other side? Not so much. It looked sort of awful, so it left me with only once choice… to tease the snot out of the crown and whip all my hair over to one side -the side that actually turned out nicely. It was the only way to mask the failed side. The only way!

I rocked the side pony at church today, but don’t worry. I left my neon leg warmers at home.

Find the rag hair tutorial HERE

PS: 6 days until my RETREAT with my madre. I’ve been growing my hair out for nine months, and I’m about to shave my head. I can not WAIT for that Aveda salon to have their way with it. The only downside? I’ve grown accustomed to her face… which is to say: I’m absolutely smitten with my long hair. May it rest in peace.


  1. Stephanie says:

    I will have to try this on Laela, it is very cute!!

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