What’s This… Behind?

It’s true.  For the first time in years, I’m behind in blogging.  I have no excuses to make (I’m only saying that because it seems like a noble thing to say.  I actually DO have a few legit excuses like “I’ve been crocheting so much I’ve forgotten how to do anything else” and “I’ve been busy eating”).

In fact, I’m only hopping on to tell you this:

I’m not blogging tomorrow.  I tried to SQUEEZE it in somewhere with my husband’s ardent help (“I’ll sleep in the living room so you can get up early and type!”).  Fact is, tomorrow I’ve got to get up early and make gingerbread and put it in the fridge.  Then I’ve got to hie to the computer desk and get my lesson plan worked out for preschool.  Then I’m going to teach preschool.  After that, it’s lunch and rest time during which I’ll bake and assemble my gingerbread house (along with two mini gingerbread houses for the childrens).  Once rest time is over, it will be time to decorate houses.  After that, I’ve got to get everything in order for Family Home Evening where we will discuss the Nativity and made gingerbread ornaments for the Relief Society party Tuesday night.  I’ll probably scrounge up some Hamburger Helper for dinner. Then I’ll hit the couch and crochet until my husband pulls out our scriptures and reminds me of our goal to read the Book of Mormon before the end of the year.  I’m light years behind.  Light. Years.

But the good news is this:

I’m going to share with you my gingerbread house makings.  I’ll give you patterns (hopefully) and directions.  They aren’t polished or fancy, but they’re enough to get you started!

I’m also going to share with you some decorating I’ve been doing that hasn’t cost me a friggin’ penny.  I’m cheap like that (my cheapness is also prompting me to MAKE ornaments out of gingerbread instead of opting to BUY one from the store for the RS party).
That’s a drawer. I hung it on the wall. All by myself.

I’m also going to share with you how to make Nativity hand puppets out of felt. My mom had a set when we were growing up and I remember them so well! I learned the Nativity using them. Because I bought the supplies on a whim, without knowing exactly what I would need, my puppets aren’t as great as my ma’s. And my husband has informed me that Joseph looks less like Joseph and more like a ninja.
I’m only telling you that because it’s remarkably true.

I’m also going to tell you about our Thanksgiving holiday and how my daughter met Santa.

And I’ll need you to remind me to tell you the story about my Nativities and how I have them coming out of my ears (thanks to my Mom Brain).

Today we decorated our tree and (thanks to my little brother) made some more finger-licking GOOD caramel apples. I’ve got pictures and stories to share. I’ve got so much to tell you.
And miles to go before I sleep, let alone blog.
You know I love you, you know I’d do anything for you… just hold on a little longer. In the words of our most favorite cinematic couple, “I’ll never let go.”

I just need you to sit tight until Tuesdey.
Much obliged.

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