“Hello, There!”

aka “What I say when I see a new plant popping up in the garden.”

This garden has been one of our worst EVER. We’ve planted and replanted, only to have our garden sabotaged by wind, rabbits, wind, heat, wind, heat… the list goes on. In the past few weeks, we’ve had a welcome reprieve. The summer monsoon season finally found it’s way to us, dousing the last of the huge Wallow Fire and bringing what’s left of our garden back to life. There will be produce! Enough to can? That’s debatable. But we won’t quibble now. We’ll just be grateful for the rain.
My garden has been too muddy to step into for the past couple of weeks. Yesterday was completely dry, so this morning I ventured out. I pulled some massive weeds and found some beautiful blossoms.

It’s a great way to start a Thursday.
Only wonderful things can happen from here on out.

(Laundry counts as wonderful, right?)

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