Sunday, Rainy Sunday

We had a party.
In honor of this guy, who could have cared less:
I did happen to hog him for about 30 minutes. Granted, I had to be last in line to get food, but a woman does what she must in matters such as these.
In fact, by the time I got out of the house and in line for food, most everyone had started making their way under Grandma’s ginormous balcony.
Dad’s hay -for those of you who are in on the joke -was actually cut, bailed and IN THE BARN. This is some sort of record. No rained on hay this year!
Not everyone took shelter.
Those CURLS!
Rain is such a novelty for Arizona girls.
Lacy got her Easter dress completely soaked. More on that later…
True to her nature, KyKy found a puddle:
Trent did his share of running in the rain:
I went inside and coaxed my cousins into clipping buttons to their ears.
I called him Aunt Bea.
I found out after taking this picture that Lacy was supposed to be playing hide and seek with her cousin. Her cousin went and hid… and Lacy snuggled up with Great JuJu.
Have we ever explained the JuJu titles?
Lacy has a great grandma and a grandma that live in town. She started to differentiate between the two by calling one “great grandma” and the other “reg-gul-er grandma” (the pronunciation is important. It makes us all laugh).
Our aunt julie lives with great-grandma.
My sister, Julianne, lives with reg-gul-er grandma.
Hence, great JuJu and reg-gul-er JuJu. My sister quickly grew sick of being “regular” and trained my kids to call her “super JuJu.”
We’re still working on a title for Aunt Julie Strong…
Grandma’s backyard is a reg-gul-er Eden:
We all sat outside and enjoyed the rain. Our entire state has been SO parched. Our little garden has been completely sabotaged by the wind, replanted, and is barely holding on. The land has been SO dry. Wildfires have run rampant, and the thunder and rain was more than welcome.
Oh, how we’ve been praying…

Eventually, we came home. My son fell asleep quickly. Rain running apparently was all too much for him. Lacy, as I’m sure you’ve predicted, stayed awake. She snuck into my room and pulled out a BLUE permanent marker. She drew pictures with it and got the ink all over her Easter dress.
The pink one.
I made.

I was so irritated. She knew what she had done was wrong, and she didn’t care. AT ALL. I sat down on the couch and said something like, “I don’t know why I even bother sometimes.”
Because really. I MADE that dress for her because we couldn’t afford a froofy dress. And I was surprised that it turned out at all, but it did. And I was proud of it.
She might as well have taken that blue marker to my heart and drawn a big fat X.
Okay, that’s being dramatic. But maybe you can feel my little heartache?
This guy did:
And he worked at that permanent ink stain until after MIDNIGHT. I kid you not.

He also asked me to stop posting pictures of him doing saintly things. Says it’s not painting a true picture of him.

Except that it is.
And the stain is nearly gone.
Before going to bed, Lacy gave me a palace:
I wonder when I can move in.

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