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My brother, sister, and I share an unabashed love for classic literature.  We agree on most things -politics, religion, what to eat on Christmas morning (orange rolls!), but something we agree most on is Dickens.

Charlie Dickens, the great writer!

Steve, as a matter of tradition, reads “A Christmas Carol” every year at Christmas time.  When I was newly pregnant with my son and sicker than sick, I gobbled up “Nicholas Nickleby” instead of regular food on account of my son apparently hating the idea of his mother eating.  Did I mention the book was a gift from my sister?  It was.  My sister and I have spent countless precious hours watching film versions of classic literature.  The latest and greatest we’re all excited about?

Jane Eyre Poster
Easily one of the greatest books in all of creation. My goal is to one day stick a little of Jane Eyre in a church talk.

Anyway, when I heard about this movie, I started thinking about going to see it and wearing appropriate shirts. Given my love of classic lit, I’ve never been tempted to crack the cover of “Twilight.” When someone is used to plots that move at a snail’s pace, something like a vampire love story just doesn’t tempt me. I’m not curious to read it, but I have gone so far as to rent the first movie.
I won’t get into that right now.
But I will say this: I felt a little left out. Women the world-wide were making shirts and going to the movies together! So I decided since Jane Eyre was coming to the big screen, now was as good a chance as any to get in some girl-bonding, shirt wearing time.
The nearest theater that played Jane Eyre is over an hour away. To get a group of girls together to go see it was just impossible. Between paying for gas, food, AND sitters for our kids? Forget it!
I was sad, too. I had a pretty kick arse shirt idea.
I had given up entirely on the idea until my brother sent me a facebook message telling me Jane Eyre was in the dollar theater near him and that he was going to make one of the shirts I had in mind.
A few hours later, I got this text:
And all was right with the world again.
Steve, you’re the best.


  1. That is so awesome! I want to make myself one to wear!!

  2. Jamie Burt says:

    LOVE IT!

  3. That is by far one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen. I love you guys.

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