Walkin’ ‘Round in a Haze

I’m feeling better today, thanks for asking.
This is run-down of yesterday.

Stream old movie.

Get up, blow nose, pick up Easter grass and foil wrapper, eat Easter candy, collapse onto couch.
Stream old movie.

Spoiler alert: those two don’t end up together. Bloody maddening. They should put warnings on the movie labels about these kinds of things! Warning: couple does not end up together. Watch at your own risk of severe disappointment.

Get up, blow nose, throw away mountain of Kleenex, wash couch cushion where Trent has smashed the insides of his Cadburry Cream egg into the fabric and make a mental note NOT to tell my husband about it on account of his having cleaned the entire couch with upholstery cleaner Sunday morning because Trent dumped a cup of bubble solutions on it (did I lose you there?), look for my husband’s wallet, found husband’s wallet, pick up toys, pull the children out of the bathroom, eat Easter candy, collapse on the couch.

Stream old movie.

Old movies have a way of inspiring my style. In the middle of that movie, I got up, blew my nose, and then went to get ready for the day. At 4 pm. Really, the movie didn’t have me riveted to the couch. I had folded all of our clean laundry while I watched it and I thought I probably should get up and try to look somewhat decent before my husband got home.

I went into my room, pulled out a pair of jeans and then chopped the bottoms of them off. There was a huge hole in the left knee and the bottoms were all but completely mangled. So I made them into cut-off knee length shorts. Then I put my hair in a high pony tail and slapped some make-up on. I also threw a pink cardigan on to sort of detract from the unhemmedness (not a word) of my pants. Then I put some real flowers in my hair. The Easter bunny brought me a bouquet of beautiful spring flowers, and I popped a few in my hair.
Then I thought the least I could do was put some kind of dinner together.
So, naturally, I collapsed on the couch again.

An hour later, after the movie finished I got up and started frying bacon. I had decided BLTs would be easy enough to make for dinner. We had a few leftover boiled Easter eggs, and I knew we had some potatoes so I googled “best ever potato salad recipe” and came up with


A couple hours later, I put the spread on the table. I was actually pretty proud of myself. After a sick day -and I still didn’t feel well -I had put together a pretty good dinner. There was a bowl full of homemade potato salad, there was a plate spread with cut-up honey dew melon on one side and sliced cucumbers on the other with a small pile of cut-up strawberries in the middle, and then there was a plate full of sandwich squares.
I called everyone into dinner and a few MINUTES later I took this picture:

It felt like a warm hug.
(That was sarcasm.)

Sunday I felt much the same. Don’t get me wrong: I love my life. I love my jobs. I love cooking! I love sewing! I love homemaking! I don’t love cleaning! But you already knew that…

Anyway, I sat across from my mother at my grandmother’s Easter dinner. I was exhausted. The past few nights, I’d only gotten a few hours sleep and mothering had kept me on my toes all day Sunday. Because I know my mother is kind and won’t judge and won’t give me a sermon if my faith in mothering slips a little now and then… I asked her, “Was Sunday ever really a day of rest for you?”
“No,” she chuckled, “Not at all.”
I was glad to know I wasn’t alone.
“Do you want to know the secret?” She continued.
“There’s a secret?” I asked, thoroughly intrigued.
“Excedrin PM,” she winked.

Needlepoint worthy!
Now if you’ll excuse me, there’s a miniature mountain range made out of sugar on my breakfast table.
I love my job. s.

(Thanks, Great JuJu for the pictures!)


  1. Charlsye Miller says:

    Your title is from mine and Jerry’s song. (Beautiful Mess) And I’m glad to hear that Sunday’s aren’t a day of rest for you and weren’t for your mother. I wish they were, but it makes me feel better because it is NOT a day of rest for me either. Glad I’m not alone out there. :)

  2. I love that you mentioned job.s. Rather than job. Because let’s face it, on a good day, there are about 20 billion jobs that we have to do. We won’t even mention a bad day.
    Sorry you haven’t been feeling good, but I’m impressed you put together such a good meal on a sick day!! I’m proud of myself if I make that good of a dinner on a regular, non-sick day, so you should be extra proud of yourself!
    By the way, are you feeling better yet, or do you need me to come bring you some Nyquil?

  3. Stephanie says:

    I hope you are feeling better, it is so hard to be a Mom when you are sick. I think Mom’s should get a pass when it comes to being sick. Oh and Laela and I both love Lacy’s dress. Laela just saw it and said “Mommy that dress is pretty!”

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