Lacyisms and Her Easter Dress(es)

“Mom, can I PLEASE make dinner?!  I’ll be REALLY careful with the oven!”


“Here Trent… you hold to the iron rod and I’ll say the opening prayer.”

“I’m so lucky because I love my mom SO much!”

(That wasn’t exactly what I wanted to hear after hearing the toilet flush, and sure enough she had caused a small flood in the bathroom, but she was forgiven the minute I stepped on the scene.)

“Would you mind?” She asked, handing me “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz” because she wanted me to read Chapter Three.
(This still kills me. No four year old talks like that! No 40 year old, even! Maybe an 85 year old…)

“Mom, I’m going to get fat like that,” she said, pointing to a picture taken of me when I was big and pregnant with her.
“You are?” I asked.
“Yep! I’m just going to eat and eat and eat until there’s a baby in my belly and then… POP! My belly will just pop out.”
(So THAT’S where babies come from!)

I should also note that as she prayed a few nights ago, she thanked Heavenly Father for the ABC’s -one letter at a time. I’ve got to admit, I’ve never once thought to do that! But I am extremely thankful for the alphabet.

The Easter Bunny used to give me a dress every year, and it was the highlight of the Holiday for me. I looked forward to that more than anything, and I never wanted to take my new dress off. Well, the past few years our funds have run a little low but I always manage to scrape up something in the way of an Easter dress. Her first Easter, we were able to buy an absolutely gorgeous dress. Her second year, I ordered the sweetest dress off  of Ebay.

Her third Easter, we started running out of money for things like Easter dresses, so I haphazardly MADE one from the apron scraps.  I’d been teaching myself how to sew.  The dress worked for Easter day and THAT WAS IT, but it was cute enough and she liked it.

Her fourth Easter, she was able to wear a dress she had worn a few weeks earlier when she played flower girl at my cousin Kimmy’s wedding.

This year, I was a little despondent about the dress situation. Our paycheck, for some reason (*cough* GAS *cough*) wasn’t stretching at all. I found some adorable dresses at Sam’s club, but after we did our shopping (only getting what we needed) there wasn’t any spare money left. I knew she had an adorable dress in her closet that she had outgrown a little. All it needed was a new top made, and I thought I’d refashion it. THEN I remembered that I had three yards of unused pink poly/cotton in my closet. I was going to use them to make a costume for the Founder’s Day parade, and I ended up not being in it. Three yards would easily make a dress for a 4 year old! The only sad part about it was that the color of the fabric wasn’t the prettiest.
Also, I don’t have a pattern of any kind.

But once I get an idea…

VERY homespun. And the rick rack on the front is crooked (very) but only because the waist band is crooked. Also, it barely fits her. Like, it will work for tomorrow and maybe a few Sundays in May. After that, I’m going to have to learn how to put zippers in clothes and modify the dress AGAIN. That dress, by the way, has been altered and altered and altered… but it’s (pretty much) done!
Now if I can only stop tinkering with it… I started it around lunch time and finished it around 11 PM.

Thank goodness for having things on hand! I just wish I was a pro seamstress so she could have a proper froofy spring dress with tulle and ribbon.  But it’s done, and it’s new, and she likes it.

Today I’m going to crochet a small shawl that buttons in the front to go over the top.

Oh, and I’m also finally doing the Easter shopping.  Heaven help me navigate Wal-Mart today!

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