The Letter W

Today in preschool we learned about the letter W.  For our math portion of school, I put gummy worms in a big glass bowl full of rice and let the kids go “digging” for worms.

They couldn’t WAIT to get their hands in the rice.

Once they dug up one (or six) I had them put the worms in a special bowl on the side.

Once we had found them all, we took the worms out and lined them up to count.

There was 18 1/2.    Once we counted them all, I plunged them back into the rice and the kids dug them out all over again!

Because it’s getting close to Halloween, I thought we’d do a Halloween craft using paint.  I had to keep it pretty simple because my son is two and I love that he wants to be involved with preschool, so I don’t want to get out too much stuff.

But white glitter would be awesome to add to this!  I made sure to point out that the ghosts were W-w-w-WHITE and WHITE starts with “W.”  All it took was black construction paper and white paint to get started.

It works best if the kids keep their fingers VERY close together.  After the paint had dried for a while, I added eyes and a mouth.  I happened to just use a black sharpie for the eyes and a black button for the mouth, but you could really use anything at all.

For a more involved hand print ghost project, go HERE .


  1. Did the students get to it the WWWWWorms after digging and burying them just askin’

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