Papa Roach

This weekend, we were able to skip town and visit family down in the warm, sunny valley.  It was a quick trip, but we’re always SO excited to go when we can!  Saturday night, my husband went out looking for a sturdy pair of shoes, and he took his little sister with him.  I stayed home with the kids.  I was in a Sunday dress on account of just having come home from the Young Women General Broadcast.

My in-laws, my children and I were all camped in front of the TV watching Bobby Flay throwdown.  As I watched, my daughter came toward me with her hands cupped together.

“This,” she said, holding her hands out so I could see them, “was under Trent’s pillow.”

I peaked into her softly cupped sweet little hands to find… a roach.  I yelped a great yelp, causing my daughter to jump and THROW the roach out of her hands and ONTO my skirt.  I started yelping and yelping and yelping some more and jumping and swiping… in short, I freaked out.  My poor daughter burst into tears, and in the middle of it all my mother-in-law, who had dozed off on the couch, shot up and wondered if the house was burning down.

It took more than a few minutes to settle my daughter down.

All my fault.

If I had handled the situation like a grown up instead of a wimpy little girl, we would all be better off.  As it is, my daughter is scarred.  Thinking about the incident on our drive home, I was reminded of Carson Daly.  Is that how you spell his name?  Anyway, I used to LIVE for his top ten countdown on MTV.  One of my all-time favorite music videos was Papa Roach’s “Last Resort.”

I went to youtube and watched it this morning.

Oh. My.  I think we can all pin point THAT video as the spark that flamed into the movement now known as EMO.  I’ll post the video, if you want to watch it.  I’ll also recap here:

punk singer dressed in black.

Offensive lyrics about how awful life is.

Zoom in on depressed, tatted teen.

Lather, rinse, repeat.  Over and over and over and over until the video ends in one screaming mess of depression, piercings, and black clothing. Immediately after watching it, I watched an old music video, “Cruel To Be Kind.”  It was like walking from Baltic Avenue to Boardwalk.



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