Up and Running

Yesterday was so unbelievably full.  A few months ago, every single day of my life read a lot like yesterday.  Life has slowed down considerably.  I know that isn’t the modern way -slowing down -but it is the only way.  My health has given me no choice but to slow it down and get it together.

But yesterday was so nice!  It’s no wonder I so easily get sucked into a life of constant going going going.  I enjoy it!  We woke up early and went into the city, took care of urgent business, bustled home, dropped my husband off so he could get to work, picked the kids up from Super JuJu, sent one on a quick trip to Snowflake with Grandpa, took the other with me to Woodruff to pay a visit to Granny (who is married to a man that makes the very BEST raspberry freezer jam on account of his growing his own raspberries), stopped at the grocery store on the way home for tomatoes to make bruschetta with, picked up Lacy, came home, cleaned up, made dinner for ourselves and mom’s crew, cleaned up dinner, finished Darah’s apron, put the kids to bed, and finished out the day with TWO HOURS of alone time which I gladly filled with TWO HOURS of Cranford.

At midnight, I scolded myself into bed -stopping only to take my contacts out. As I slid my thick-rimmed glasses on my face, I started laughing.

I told you it’s been months since I’ve had a day like yesterday and it has! I remember having a day like yesterday the last week of October. At the end of it, I took both of my children to a truck-or-treat the ward hosted. I was extremely embarrassed to be going out in public with my glasses on. What’s worse: my hair wasn’t styled. My make up wasn’t on properly. But I knew the kids would want to go. I couldn’t let them down on account of my vanity. Once there, the leaders invited the children to form a line and they paraded in a circle through the gym area so we might all see the costumes. I stood next to my oldest brother, snapping pictures of all our children.
“Who are you?” he asked.
“What?” I put my camera down and looked at him.
“What’s your costume?” He asked. Before I could stammer out an answer, he suggested one. “Sarah Palin?”

And I laughed. And I laughed. And laughed and laughed and laughed. Months later, I’m still laughing.

After yesterday, I slept hard. I don’t remember my dreams which is a blessing given that a few nights ago I had a rather disturbing dream about Justin Bieber, a huge lake, and a dock.
I was out cold, and had no idea that sometime in the middle of the night… I received guests.
I woke up to bed bugs.
Also: as a sister who is teased by brothers, I felt a certain sympathy for my daughter who spent the better part of last night having her precious little legs smashed by a brother.

Now that the house is waking up, I’ve got to get moving. With a little bit of luck, I’ll finish Cranford today. With a little bit of luck, I’ll make more french bread for my husband. With a little bit of luck, I’ll clean the car out. With a miracle, I’ll do it all showered, dressed, and completely ready for the day.  I’ll make Sarah proud.


  1. Steve-the brother says:

    Let me say, BOO-YA! to getting things done! Go you! (You’re a Maverick)
    PS: looks to me less like Lacy enduring the pain of a brother on her legs and more like a brother providing the best foot-warming service ever. You’ve got it all wrong,
    Sista. Go ahead. Tell Mom. :D

  2. Love it. And yeah, you do look like Sarah Palin! :)
    I’m impressed. I don’t often have days like that, but when I do, I’m exhausted at the end of them.

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