I’ve been trying to get my room in a get-away state.  I want to be able to enter it, shut and lock the door, and feel as if I’m in my own space.  I’ve got a color scheme in mind and I know where and how I want everything.  All I need is a little $$$$$.  My husband squirreled away a chunk of change without my knowing it and graciously handed it over to me on Saturday.

I took us all to Real Deals -a boutique style home decor store with very friendly prices.

CLICK HERE to learn more about them.  They’re a franchise, so there’s a few here and there.  They’re only open two days a week, so you have to pay close attention.

While perusing the store (which was easy to do because they have a playroom in the back!), I found a sign.  Please forgive me for what I’m about to say: No fan am I of signs with sayings.

But this one?  It made me tear up.  I was standing in the middle of the store with tears welling up in my eyes staring at a sign.  With a saying on it.

So I bought it. At $10, I really had no reason not to. A friend of mine was nice enough to google the saying and found out that it can be attributed to…
Ben Franklin.
Well, NO WONDER. Signs with sayings must always be forgiven if their father author is Ben Franklin. I love that man. He is one of my heroes. The sign is not on the wall yet. I’m waiting for JUST the right place.

Onto something more better.

My brother took a little trip this week. He went into a small Asian trinket store and found a few treasures which he took pictures of and then texted them to me.

“Is it REALLY?” He asked.


My neighbor gave me a jar full of growing crystals around Christmas time. My brother found some of those crystals in the shop and took a picture of what we think are the growing instructions.
I get a lot of Spam comments that read something like those instructions.

For laughs:

Aren’t you glad my brother is in this world? I am.
I love him.
I love Real Deals.
I love that I’m the only one up right now (knock on wood).


  1. This post made me miss Taiwan–and wish I had taken more pictures of things like that when I was over there. Sigh.
    I do, however, have a picture (somewhere) of me in front of a sign that says “Beutful Girl.”
    Love it. :)

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