The Things I’ve Seen

I’ve seen a little girl with blonde curls running right for me as the sun was setting:


I’ve seen “It’s a Wonderful Life” in July:


I’ve seen the beginning and end of my first s’more (Thanks, Aunt Trina for the GF Graham Crackers!) since going gluten free in January of 2014:

I’ve seen what happens when I tie my hair up in three tube socks before going to bed:
{Tutorial found HERE}

I’ve seen a truly great picture of my great-grandma Alice sitting on a horse with her four boys nearby:

IMG_0112-2 (1)

I’ve seen how cute my girls can look when I braid their hair up so we don’t have to wake up and style it the next morning before leaving for a day of school clothes shopping in the city:

I’ve seen a picture of the snake… the kids took it. I didn’t actually see the snake itself. Apparently it was as small as a worm. Check out how small it is next to the blades of grass!

I’ve seen how hard Lacy will sleep on one Benadryl after breaking out in hives (something in great-grandma’s ditch bank threw her for a red, swollen loop):

I’ve seen what happens when Trent finishes his Tic-tacs and has white duck tape on hand:

I’ve seen a grown man snuggling with a “Frozen” throw and a Belgian Malinois and felt second base beneath my feet:

I’ve also felt the earth beneath my feet after giving the kids a quick lesson on the positive effects of negative ions:

I’ve seen homemade caramel corn made by me. For the first time ever:

I’ve seen great-grandpa’s old international parked on Dad’s farm during my morning walk as a light, gentle rain fell:
I’ve even seen God:

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