Finding one for every one of them wasn’t hard.  Should I worried about that?  Like maybe it’s a sign that I need to STOP with the aprons?

I can’t.  They bring me so much joy.  And days when they end up on all of the children, it validates my apron hoarding like CRAZY.  I even had a little apron from the hardware section for my nephew!  My son came out later and wore my “grill magnet” apron I keep tucked away… one of those “I spent an hour on this and hate it but will keep it because it cost time and money” things.

0721151604A bite of frosting, a bite of cookie… and again and again and again!


0721151703Those sprinkles, tho!


We also spent an overcast, windy afternoon with our cousins making grandma’s playdough so Alice could grind it into the carpet and make mom say funny words.

0717151621bHaving cousins close by is so great.  It’s built-in best friends!


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