Rainy Days

The smiles Monsoon season brings to Arizonans is equal to the smiles sunshine brings to Washingtonans.

That said, trying to fit ALL of our rainy day activities into one Arizona downpour is pretty anticlimactic.
“Mom! It’s raining!”
“Okay! Everyone, start picking up! As soon as the living room is clean, we will make playdough and while you guys play with it, I’ll mix up some dough and we’ll bake!”
“The power went off!”
“The power is back on!”
“The rain stopped…”

And that’s when we all go back to what we were doing.
But my hopes hold out for a good, solid storm… long enough to at least mix up sugar cookie dough. That way when the sun comes back out, I can eat the dough to pacify my sorrow.

We’re celebrating Monsoon Season anyway, even if that means we’re just playing inside because it’s too Arizona HOT to play outside.
Lacy and I are hooked on “Monarch of the Glen” which is predictable, clean and Scottish.
We’re also hooked on hooking.
There’s been a lot of redecorating going on, mostly because when you don’t feel good, you sit and stare at your walls and it doesn’t take too long for things to change. And what else am I going to do with those piano pedals? and that lonely embroidery hoop, missing it’s inner self (I can’t just throw it away -it needs me)? and that bird embroidery art tossed out of a thrifted frame? and those World Market knobs? and a few frames?
Let’s throw them on an empty wall! Randomly!

Did I mention how fun it is to run out into the pounding rain to bring in the dogs… only to have it stop five seconds later? Juuuuust long enough to muddy up the kennel. And juuuust long enough to make me suspicious of it starting again.
So hey! Three kids with cabin fever plus two alpha male dogs = A cure to anyone thinking of buying a Belgian Malanois after watching “Max.”
Seriously, just come over. I’ve got enough Maxes to go around.

This last week, I’ve had more good days than bad, so I’ve been cleaning the house. You know that glorious feeling that comes when you feel good enough to muck out the muck that mucked up high when you were mucked out on the couch?
I even vacuumed my mattress this morning.
Who knows what tonight might bring? I’ve got my eyes on a Magic Eraser… I’m gonna have my way widdit.

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