Brownie Baby

“Mom, Elly can make brownies and cookies without her mom’s help.”

I knew where this conversation was going. It was going the way of The Ear Piercing Conversation from last month.
“I am ready to get my ears pierced,” Lacy said.
“But I thought you were scared to.”
“I WAS. But my friend’s been wearing her earrings and…”
“And you’re feeling jealous?”
“Wellllll a little,” she scrunched her face up in the little grin I love so much.
“Do you think the BEST way to get rid of feeling jealous is to pierce your ears too?” I raised one eyebrow.
She looked me dead in the eyes, “It is for me!”

That’s when I lost all sense of sense and actually said the words, “If your friend jumped off a cliff…” you can guess the rest.

So when Elly made brownies without help, I knew Lacy must make brownies without help as well.
“Just as soon as the counter is cleaned off,” I said, pointing to the kitchen counter covered in dried flowers, crayons, papers, bags full of stuff taken from the car, a few socks (compliments of Alice who has made a great hobby of playing saboteur in many-a-sock-couple relationships)…
As we cleared the counter off together, I could FEEL her excitement.
“What’s the first thing I do?” She asked, bouncing on her toes.
“You find a recipe,” I handed her my over-stuff 3-ring binder, filled with my favorite recipes.
“What next? Bowls and a mixing spoon?”
I had her turn on the oven. She melted butter, measured out sugar. With every ingredient she moved farther down the counter.
“Don’t measure salt over the bowl because it always spills over.”
“It does?”

It does:
The mess did my heart good:
And her mouth good:
They turned out really good (from what I hear -they are packed full of the kind of flour that makes my joints breathe fire). She shared with everyone who walked through the door!
Lacy and the kitchen have always been together:

And something tells me they will continue on like that unless Alice manages to split them up like a pair of old socks.


  1. When I wanted to get my ears pierced a wise woman (ie mamma) said if Heavenly father wanted you to have another hole He would have given you one. I didn’t get mine done untill I was 25.

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