Something Painted

I have a sister, and the longer I have her the more convinced I become that every girl ought to have one sister. Two is too many (*cymbal crash* in honor of “two” v. “too”). One sister is the right amount of sister.

My sister is a lot of things right now. She’s a gorgeous red head with blue eyes.
She’s a returned missionary with an associate degree, working toward her bachelor degree in education. On scholarship. She’s amazing like that.
She works in the food-ish area at work (like the cafeteria, but better?) and it was there she met another red head with blue eyes.
And now my sister is engaged.
Of ALL the things she is, she’s most excited about this one, I think…

My brother and his wife (Brushfire Photography) took their pictures.

Julianne is here this week with her fiance. She’s been wedding planning like crazy, and our family has been kind of kicked to life over the whole thing. We are painting and pinning and planning.
On Tuesday, we decided to get up early and go to the BIG city on Wednesday to wedding dress shop. I arranged a last-minute sitter and off we went just after 6 am!

Mom, Julianne and I spent 14 hours together yesterday. We spent a chunk of time in a very special bridal section at Goodwill and laughed A LOT.
“What’s with all the BOWS?” Julianne kept asking.
“1994” we said.

We met up with our sister in law, Brittany (Brushfire Brittany), and it was awesome. Aside from being a really great person all around, she’s a wedding CHAMP. She had insights and input and questions that we would never have thought of.
We watched Julianne come out in a few beautiful gowns, and then we watched Julianne come out in THE gown. I’m pretty sure my sister is the prettiest bride in the history of brides.
She told us she didn’t really want a veil, but she didn’t tell the dress shop owner, so the dress shop owner put one on her head and that’s when WE ALL LOST IT.

In my mind, Julianne is still 5 or 10 or 15. Seeing a veil draped softly over her pretty peach skin, covering the pretty red hair we all love so much… IT JUST GOT REAL.

Julianne is getting married.

My one sister is getting married for time and eternity.
It’s a good life.

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