Acro Batty

Yesterday, Chinese Acrobats came to my kids’ Elementary School (hey wait, MY Elementary School too!) and they were fantastic.

I turned to each of my kids and spoke to them in their native tongue (they each speak a different dialect, this you understand).
“Lacy, look at their bodies! Look how far they came to show them to you… all that work and practice, and they are really strong. Don’t you see awesome God made their bodies and how well they work and how YOU have one JUST like it?” She looked down at her white arms and said, “Well, KINDa.”
“Trent, it’s AWESOME! Right? They look like Power Rangers, right?” His eyes lit up and he said, “Yeah! That’s CRAZY!”
“Alice, it’s PRETTYFUL!”
“Yeah! Preddyful!”

She created that little mash-up all on her own, and we’ve adopted it.
Later that day, I found Trenton and Alice putting on a routine all their own.
“PREDDYFUL” Alice said, her voice muffled in her own little chest.
Trenton came down and with a voice I can only describe as tempting said, “And THAT’S NOT ALL.”

It really wasn’t.
I got TWO shows yesterday.

My kids are going to be famous. Prettyful and famous.

Thank you ALL for your book recommendations! I got some really amazing input, and I’m going to compile a list to post on my sidebar for you all to see. Hopefully later today, if the batty acrobats will keep their little limbs and my sanity intact.

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