Christmas Short IV -The Nativity

The weekend of December 13th, we gathered at Danny’s sisters house and made a wonderful kind of merry.  We dressed up all the grandkids Nativity-style, ate some amazing food, unwrapped gifts, and listened to Grandma Hoopes read a story to the grandkids.

The kids were all sporting red shirts in honor of Operation Christmas Child Box.

Lacy was Mary, and her cousin, Brayden, was Joseph.

1213141930We had a full cast of shepherds, wise men, baby Jesus, and an angel!
Alice made the cutest little shepherd, but she hated the get up and gig.

After we snapped some cute pictures of the kids, we all gathered around Grandma Hoopes as she read her traditional Christmas story:
This year Grandma got to read from an iPad which came in handy because we couldn’t find the story in printed form.

We lined them all up oldest to youngest to exchange their presents from cousins.

The kids had a blast playing with their new toys, and we wrapped up the night by gathering up our family with Danny’s sister’s family to watch, “Christmas Oranges” and the kids now have a new most-hated movie. Kids have just the right balance of compassion and indignation to really mess up a mean school marm UP.
“This is NOT a fair movie.” ~Lacy Deets
I wish I was better at editing movie clips, but I’m not… so there’s a few dull moments but I truly love this video… especially the angel.

But it was all worth it WHEN:


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