UPDATE: Operation Christmas Child Box

After posting our last update, my computer decided it didn’t want to participate in my life anymore… apparently, I’m too much for it and it set a boundary -loud and clear.

We have quite a lot to update. No message or video from Lacy, unfortunately. Take it up with my computer. As I said, it’s not speaking to me anymore (drama, drama, drama…)

First, in FOUR days, Lacy has raised EIGHT HUNDRED AND SEVENTY DOLLARS.
She gathered her team together to work on the donation envelopes for her donation tree she will be setting up at the Marc Center on Main Street in Joseph City. They cut and punched holes and tied curling ribbon and giggled, giggled, giggled.

It’s been incredible to watch the outpouring of support coming Lacy’s way. Lacy is rolling naturally with it -giving is one of her NATURAL gifts. She is perceptive, and it’s a blessing in my life to watch her gift blossoming. We’re headed into town to buy her a few supplies for the cause, and gosh dang it ALL if our entire family isn’t on a high.

What a beautiful season this is turning out to be for us.

For the first time in my life, I’ve been privileged to FEEL the prayers of a family in need. I can FEEL it. I can almost *almost* HEAR the prayers of a family with a child in Phoenix Children’s Hospital. I don’t know who they are, but I know they’re praying desperately because they have NO IDEA how they are going to DO CHRISTMAS this year.

This is where you come in, my sweet Arizona friends -can you help us? Can you help us find this family? God wants us to find them, and I know we will. I have full faith that He will guide Lacy to whoever is pouring their tears into their holiday prayers.

Please share this post and my contact info with ANYONE who knows of a family in need in Phoenix Children’s Hospital. There are privacy laws in the hospital, but the unwritten privacy laws in friends and family are a little… looser. Family is allowed to reach out to us and say, “My grandson is confined to the hospital this year and there’s no extra money for gifts.”
Send a picture so we can pray for and about these children!

If you feel so inspired, reach out our way! We need to have a family selected by next Wednesday (the 10th). I do realize the hospital itself has a sponsoring system set up, but I feel like God wants us to reach a little deeper this year.

Can you join Lacy’s Helpful Hearts Team? It pays in natural highs (that are actually very addicting).

Email Lacy with info at: ladydeets0404@yahoo.com

Please share this post -there’s a family out there that God wants found!

Lacy’s Go Fund Me Page:

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