Update: Operation Christmas Child Box

Hi my name is Lacy Deets.THANKYOU SOOOOOOOO much!!! I have so much mony.I have $445!!! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!This is the best thing in my
Life.If you guys want to see what I look like go to GOFUNEDME.COM/i1iW6S
.I love having you help me. YOU are the BEST
I have a team.And they help me starting tommorow.By the way… THANKYOU FOR EVREYTHING YOU DO!!!I LOVE YOU YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(She made sure to let me know she added a bunch of things that show you REALLY mean it at the end of her message.  Haha)

God is good. Did you know that?

I’m finding out more and more that God’s will is carried out in spite of me. I woke up this morning and had my day mapped out: work, pick up my son from school, thaw turkey to make dinner, finish blog post during rest time, teach piano… when I arrived at work, all of that changed. My husband’s employer asked for a flyer for Lacy’s project, so I googled “how to make a flyer.”

I sent it to my husband and then posted it on facebook casually. My feed exploded. My phone went off.

A few days ago, I said to my daughter who had so confidently set her goal at $1,000, “Even if you only get $20, that’s enough to buy a stocking and fill it with fun things!” She nodded eagerly, and then God proceeded to teach me a very valuable lesson about believing in your children when they are following their precious little guts. Her online donations, as she said, are at $445, but her cash donations bump that figure up a hearty $150… she has a box full of toy donations, donated gear to decorate a Donation Tree at the upcoming community tree festival, and she is over HALF WAY to her goal tonight!

As the flyer spread and word about her online fund got out, I created an instagram account to help facilitate The Good Tidings, but I’m learning it’s pretty ineffectual in my hands, seeing as I am to Instagram what Lyle is to shotgun.

My day that I had somewhat mapped out in my head slipped away from me, but something about it just felt so natural… I didn’t even have TIME to stress about dinner before a dear friend dropped in and left a juicy rotisserie chicken on my table. I didn’t even have a chance to worry about the dishes before an out of town friend stopped by and DID them.
How do I know such amazing people?
How did I get to be so blessed?
They didn’t even KNOW my day was full! They just followed their own guts and God led them here.

I looked over her list of donors, and there are so many of you who are my blog readers. I know this! I know this because I don’t have many blog readers! SO I KNOW WHO YOU ARE! I can’t tell you how much I’ve thought of you today and how grateful I am to know such truly GOOD people. I love my small blog like I love my small town. I feel almost as if there’s a small town within my blog: a community of readers with big hearts.

“Lacy,” I said to my daughter, “You have a lot on your hands and you could probably use a team…”
She is recruiting a very determined militia, you guys. We have a team of NINE.
“What are you going to name your team? Something like… Lacy’s League? or ELF SQUAD?”
“How about The Helpful Hands Team?”
“Where did you come up with that name?” I asked, thinking she skimmed it off a family-friendly movie (of which we have seen our share and your share and probably Phoenix Children’s Hospital’s share).
“Um, because my HEART,” she paused for emphasis and to point at her heart, “is HELPFUL.” She spoke slowly so as not to confuse the ignorant.

Helpful Hearts Team it is! I’m getting them all little t-shirts -a small reminder of their BIG offering.

I believe that Lacy is making a difference not just because she’s choosing to help a family who, I am CERTAIN, is praying for help tonight… but because as her light is shared on social media, it’s bringing HOPE.
Reading about her cause and her excitement is a gift, I think. It sort of sparks a light in everyone who chances to read it, even if they don’t know Lacy. They see hope in youth, they’re reminded of their own youth, their holiday soul-fire is ignited and nurtured.

Thank you, God, for letting us know loud and clear that this project is what NEEDS to happen. It isn’t something Lacy took on to prove anything or earn anything. It isn’t something I took on as a teaching tool for my children and then immediately felt self-imposed pressure to get the word out… overwhelmed at the idea of making it happen. No, it’s nothing like that at all. The sharing has come about at your hands, through your mortal angels, almost effortlessly.  The support, the donations, the love, the ideas, the absolute HAPPENING OF IT ALL is because YOU -my precious Father in Heaven -are GOOD. AND WISE.
This is important for me to remember when I start believing -as I tend to do -that I KNOW BETTER and my way is THE way.

I’m grateful tonight that my ways are not thy ways, that my thoughts are not your thoughts.
I’m grateful tonight for blog readers -my tight-knit community who, when their collective hearts are thrown into the arena, produce miracles.
I’m grateful for my children.

Today has been a day -one of those marked, blessed days that I’ve come to truly cherish when they stop to say hello -where there are no mortal words sufficient to crown it with, only deep emotion and a few photos to remember it by.

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