A Tribute For Each Child

NOTE: I started this post before Lacy’s Operation Christmas Child Box Project took off and I only just sat down to finish the post off this morning.  If you only want an update on the project, scroll down until you see a picture of her sweet face!


When I start thinking of a post to write, I generally have a format come to mind -a theme, or a certain caption for a picture. Blogging, for me, starts away from the computer. Today as my mind began to fill with what today’s post would be, I found THREE posts kind of composing themselves in my head: one for each child. So I’m throwing them all together today so that my blog will really resemble my life: three kids all thrown together with a bunch of pictures, a few laughs, some inspiration, and a dose of authenticity.
We’re going youngest to oldest today.

“Toddler Calling Cards” a post about Alice Michelle
Everything about these pictures just says, “Hi, I’m Alice. I’m almost two, and I have BEEN HERE.”

Where do you keep YOUR toilet paper?

I know what you’re wondering so I’ll just say it: PERMANENT.

But at least I got to finish a phone conversation.

I had to shoot that at an angle to get my “prittee!” bow, and then I realized after taking it that…

It’s crazy how much we matchy-match.
Speaking of matchy-match:

Even when she doesn’t feel good, she’s still on the top of my favorites list.

Next up? TRENTON
First of all, it needs to here be announced (are you paying attention, Grandma?) that Trenton has passed off his pink and purple heart words and is now moving onto YELLOW heart words!

And he has two loose teeth which means he’s growing up.

He came home that day and was just SUCH a poop.  Is it okay to say that about your kid?  Because he was.  He demanded lunch and stomped his feet when I told him I needed to go to the bathroom first.  He threw and ALL OUT YELLING FUSSING FIT when I told him I was serving turkey and stuffing for lunch… I sent him to BED.  When he came out, his craptastic behavior continued, so I took a deep breath and then said, “Sometimes when we think too much about ourselves, we start to get really grouchy and have a hard time.  Your behavior is NOT okay.  Take a paper and make a list of THREE nice things you can do for other people.”

Here it is:

#1) Clean my room
#2) Rub Mom’s back
#3) Clean the living room

Genius list.
Speaking of genius… he created what I like to call Arizona Snowman. These are the kinds of snowmen that come about when it’s too cold to play outside but there’s no snow to be found.

Trent is SUPER GOOD at creating things, building things, finding gadgets and marrying them to other gadgets. And putting stickers all over his face, apparently.

Today, Trenton turned in his Thanksgiving packet at school -he really focuses on his homework, and he strives to be EXTRA NEAT. Follow through hasn’t really been his strength (because he’s SIX and hasn’t had time to devote here), so it’s fun to see him keep promises he makes to teachers at school. He also kept a promise he made to his teacher at church… leaving a “Secret Service” badge around the house. In this case, he’d done dishes…

While Lacy has kept him busy helping her with “Operation Christmas Child Box”, he has started his own sort of project… to make cards for Addie. He has made three cards so far, and it looks like we’ll be mailing off a package to Addie’s family... I think we’ll probably add a little gift. Bubbles? Lip gloss?


Yesterday, we set her tree up at the community center, and minutes after her goal was met we settled in together and watched the LDS Church Devotional. It was perfectly timed, and tears came to my eyes for all the right reasons.

This also brought tears for all the right reasons:

And this:

And this:

The tree is up at the community center! #operationchristmaschildbox #Christmas #charity

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Lacy’s tree is up at the Community Center and it looks SO GOOD! I have an entire SLEW of pictures to post -my computer is still on the fritz which is giving me a nervous twitch. I truly hate not being able to write when I feel the urge. Santa Baby, will you fix my computer on Christmas Eve Night?


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