Tomatoes, Zombies, and Super Sarah

First, I’ve been getting THOUSANDS of SPAM comments each day, so I installed a plug-in to block them. The trouble is, it blocks ALL comments. I deactivated it and installed a different spam blocker and have the same problem. Comments aren’t coming though -I’m sorry. I promise I am working on it!
Second, my computer is dying on me and hasn’t been working. I’m not going to be able to send out the CDs requested by a few of you until I revive it. or throw it against the wall and buy a new one.
Sometimes you just need to throw things.

I’m happy to report that yesterday was a beautiful, fire-less day. Alice stayed out of the middle of Main Street. I even made a hot dinner and went for a long walk in the crisp evening. It was a beautiful day. I was able to spend hours talking deeply and genuinely with people I care about… yea, even until the late hours. So many beautiful people in my life. So many.

Today is going to be busy with Halloween preparations -throwing costumes together, heading into town for some more candy for the trunk or treat, homework, music lessons, laundry. And somewhere in all of it, I’ve got a few tomatoes to put away.
Jury’s out on how I’ll actually be putting them away: ketchup, straight up bottling them with lemon juice and salt, giving them away or throwing them at a wall.

Sometimes you just need to throw things.
My counter is covered in tomatoes right now. Tomatoes and GREEN APPLES waiting to be smothered in caramel and white chocolate. I can’t wait. The kids can’t wait.
Lacy’s lunch notes range in variety from bland (“Have a fun day!”) to crazy (“This is the worst lunch I ever had.”) to creative. They get creative when I get excited.

I’m taking tomorrow off work to help the kids at school with their festivities and then I’ll take on my favorite part of Halloween by making the caramel apples. We’ll trick or treat, we’ll watch The Wizard of Oz, and we’ll eat so much candy we’ll get sick.
I’m hoping we’ll be able to make it to this:

I hope your Halloween is full of festivities and creativity. I hope you wear a costume. I hope you hand out candy. I hope you eat candy.
If you need a costume idea, I’d like to offer up this quote from my high school friend, Sarah, for inspiration:

“When I was little, I loved myself so much and was happy with who I was that all I ever wanted to be was myself. I loved myself and everyone else all the time. When Halloween came around and my parents asked me what I wanted to be, I told them I wanted to be myself more than anything else. So my Mom made me a cape, and I went to school as Super Sarah.”

Probably the best costume idea I’ve EVER heard of.

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