Week End

It’s been a whirlwind of a last few days. I can’t seem to sleep enough to catch up with life, and that’s not just because Alice is crawling out of her play pen when she gets tired of sleeping in it.
I went on a quick trip to Flagstaff with my youngest in tow. She wiggled around on the floor of a waiting room and eventually passed loud and obvious gas.
“I part,” she explained to everyone around, thereby exposing our family’s frequent use of grotesque words like, “fart.”
Because it was just the two of us, we indulged in some chocolate cookies. Alice got fairly drunk on them.

We won’t talk about how many I ate, and will only say that I MAY have opened up a gallon of milk and swigged (swug?) it while driving. I’ll let you guess how many gluten free Oreos you’d have to eat to get to that point…
Our sweet neighbor has a modest pumpkin patch and invited my kiddos over. They each picked one out and took it home free of charge. I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before, but we have the best neighborhood.

Here’s Alice wearing her latest favorite outfit: her sister’s shirt, a diaper, and shoes.

She must get her fashion sense from my little brother, Jim. I stumbled on this picture this weekend while cleaning:

He doesn’t look like that anymore, but I will say… there’s part of me that will ALWAYS see him that way. This weekend, we had a reception for the wedding we attended last weekend. Jim came into town looking nothing like he does in that picture, but I had just as much fun with him. The kids were excited to see him, especially Alice who gushed over his green hair, “pretty!”
My brother Mike and his wife Brittany came over as well, and I was so happy. Growing up with all SIX of us together always seemed like chaos and crazy. I never would have believed that I’d DIE to have us all together at the same time again.
Jim watched Pirates II with Lacy while Mike made a bow for Trent and Brittany showed me her new website:


which is amazing if you are planning a wedding or helping plan a wedding in Arizona, YES, but it is also amazing if you want some tips on floral arrangements from one of THEE best florist in the state.

And there’s natural hair and make-up tips that always come in handy -especially if you’re planning on being photographed anytime soon (*cough* family pictures *cough*)

We ended the evening by eating WAAAAAAAY too many caramel-covered apples at the reception. They were delicious. I don’t even want to work them off.
I didn’t take any pictures because I was too busy eating. But I didn’t swig any cider, in case you’re worried I carry my bad habits OUT BEHIND CLOSED DOORS. I do not.
“I only swig when no one is looking.” ~Alicia Deets

To round our weekend out, I’m throwing in a picture of our “Sickie” -the kitten who seems to eek each and every day out. We should probably name it properly… something stronger, perhaps?


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