The Dotter Report

Here’s the latest on the Dotters.
The daughters.

First, Alice got her first French Braid last night and sat happily through it.

I make my own hair detangler with water, a small bit of conditioner, and a few drops of rosemary essential oil. I put it in a cheap spritzer from the “trial and travel” section at Wal-Mart. The girls love it and our relationships have been saved.
Because the after-bath brushing was seriously killing our bond.
Last night, Lacy got two braids before bed so she could wake up with what she likes to call “spider hair.” Alice felt left out, and I was so happy she let me get my fingers all over her long hair!
Usually the only time I can get her to hold still is when she’s doing this:

Yes, she’s in my bed.
Yes, I took that first thing in the morning.
No, I did not sleep that night.
Yes, she did pop up on one elbow, smile brightly at me to say “night night!” and then collapsed onto her arm and fell immediately back asleep… and that’s when I snapped the above picture. She’s priceless. One of a kind!  Just like her sister: Lacy, the Animal Whisperer.
Animals are drawn to her. She’s a real-life Disney Princess.
“Mom, I’m TRYING to get in the car, but the kittens won’t stop FOLLOWING me!”

Lacy is really awesome, and there’s this quiet little streak in her that comes out now and then. It does crazy things like color on bus seats.
“Why did you do that?”
“I. DON’T. KNOW. MOM. But will the bus driver give my marker back?”
“Probably not, but I wouldn’t worry about it. What can we do to make it right? Write an apology?”
“Mom, I want to walk instead of riding the bus now.”

Our first try:

“Lacy, this isn’t about getting your marker back. This is about saying you are sorry for what you did.”
“But I want my marker…”
“Well, there’s consequences for choices like that. You may not get it back. Let’s get a nice clean sheet of paper -one that isn’t crumpled up -and try again.”

Our second try:

“I want to walk, Mom.”

I’m proud to report that SHE DID IT. She got on the bus and handed it to the bus driver, and she is BRAVE. and naughty.

Last weekend, we went to my cousin’s wedding. My Aunt Cat snapped a couple pictures of The Dotters which I’ll share in a bit. First I want to share another brave Lacy moment. After the wedding, there was a dance. Lacy wanted so badly to be part of it, but was terrified to ask anyone that wasn’t her Dad to dance. I helped her dance with the groom during the dollar dance, and then I danced with her for a bit until her Grandpa walked by.
“Do you want to dance with Grandpa?” I asked as he approached.
“Go ask him!” I said.
“NO! NO!”
“Dad, want to dance with Lacy?”
“with LA-CY?” He scooped her up and that was the end of that.

Is it possible to bottle ALL OF THIS JOY?

Grandpa has a soft spot for all of the GRAND DOTTERS.

(seeing Cat’s pictures next to mine is bringing on some camera shame in me. Maybe I need to upgrade my camera phone?)

And here she is. My first born in the wilderness of LIFE.

Thanks, Aunt Cat, for the sweet shots.
Thanks, Heavenly Father, for my sweet daughters… for ALL of your sweet daughters.

(Thanks to my brother, Steve, for editing out the pipe that looked like it was coming straight out of my head.  Kiddo, you’re sweet.)

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