Heartwarming Turned Horrifying

A while back (years?) I read “Charlotte’s Web” with the kids. I read with gusto and employed different, distinct voices for each character. The kids adored Charlotte and wanted to have their own sweet, talking spider for a pet. One night, I noticed that “Charlotte’s Web” was on Netflix. I promised the kids if they’d get all of their chores done, we’d watch it together.
It was stupid.
Stupid, stupid, stupid.
Why? Because we hadn’t finished reading the book. Meaning the kids didn’t KNOW THAT CHARLOTTE DIES.

I didn’t even THINK of that. I just turned it on and watched in glee as the kids saw their favorite characters come to life on the screen. About halfway through the movie, I realized I’d truly made a mistake. Halfway through the movie is when I remembered: CHARLOTTE DIES, ALICIA.

I really realized how much I’d mucked up when the movie ended and Lacy cried out through her precious tears, “REWIND IT TO WHEN SHE WAS ALIVE!”
She ran to the bathroom where she could safely put her feet in the sink and her head in her hands.
The children that come from my genes are VERY tenderhearted.

You think I would have learned. YOU’D THINK.
(you were waiting for that word, weren’t you?)
I mucked up again last night.

I found “The Mailbox” on youtube, so I streamed it as part of our Family Home Evening last night. About halfway through the short flick from 1977, I REMEMBERED.
“Danny,” I looked over at him in a half-panic, “Does the sweet old woman…?”
“Yeah, pretty depressing.”

And 15 minutes later, I was cradling TWO sobbing children.
“IF I WERE THERE I WOULD BE WITH HER! I WOULD WRITE HER LETTERS EVERY DAY!” Lacy sobbed and sobbed and resolved at that minute that the next day’s most important TO DO was write her grandparents.

If you’d like to scar your children as well, here’s your chance:

Maybe let them know ahead of time that the adorable and utterly love-able woman dies at the end?
My sentimental children may very well perish from repeated shock.

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