Beautiful Differences

When God has a message for me, He sends it SEVERAL times in several different ways -because He knows me. He knows that I’ll hear it once and shrug, twice and shrug, three times and then go, “Wait… maybe I should pay attention.”
God has to use 2x4s with Alicia. I accept this as truth.

Throughout this last week, he has let me know through different faucets that He NEEDS me to be the way I am.

I always thought that my openness -the way I talk about myself and my life so MUCH -was a terrible weakness.
As a small child, I literally -LITERALLY -used to chant to myself, “children should be seen and not heard… children should be seen and not heard…” But it didn’t help. I still talked openly and vulnerably to everyone. Anyone!
To this day!
(evidence: blog)

My brain doesn’t think in compartments or in any kind of organized way at all.
I assumed it was one of my “to be conquered” weaknesses.

But this last week, the Lord has shown me that while there is definite extremes to talking to everyone and letting my colorful brain take over, HE NEEDS ME TO BE THIS WAY.
What’s more: I need to STOP trying to change my God-given personality traits so HE CAN BEGIN TO USE ME for His work.

In Corinthians, Paul teaches the people about unity -a unified body. The foot functions as a foot and the ear needs it. The ear can’t be upset that it isn’t a foot because the body needs an ear.
The body should rejoice at the triumphs of the legs!
The body should mourn with the trials of the arms.

How can we function at our full capacity if we’re worried about being something we are not?

These are things I KNOW but don’t always FEEL, but to have God send this message to me FOUR TIMES in two weeks? That’s pretty incredible. He really wants me to be vulnerable -the way He made me.
He really wants me to be animated.
He really NEEDS me to have the brain I have because my colorful, disorganized creative brain works all kinds of magic (especially on kids) when I slack the reigns on it.

Life is hard.
It’s impossible when you reject your true self.

Be an ear.
Be a foot.
And BE FULLY THAT TODAY AND ALWAYS, and you will glorify God therein.

In other news, I’m longing for THE WEEK where I didn’t have to AGGRESSIVELY FIGHT FOR TIME WITH MY FAMILY:

My crazy brain rejects schedules and routines.
And wants Disneyland and uninterrupted family time… my phone only ringing because my husband is holding a spot in the Peter Pan line while I’m crown shopping with the girls.

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