I Think I Can

I made and canned a very small bit of salsa yesterday, and I don’t know why but canning makes me feel like I have super human FARM QUEEN powers.

Probably because when I can, I don’t just CAN. I also take on the task of managing water bath canning while the house, world, and planet somehow manage to fall apart simultaneously. FIVE MINUTES before I started the process of canning, everything around me was fine.
No wind, quiet background music…

I rinsed a few tomatoes, and the calm world around me screeched to a halt.
Trenton fell outside and gashed in the inside of his palm, Alice pulled everything out of every cupboard and emptied everything she pulled out in some bizarre and stress-inducing Matryoshka doll-style game, the water began to boil, and the phone rang.

So I got 2 quarts and one pint of salsa canned, but it feels like so much more.
I sort of feel like I fought the unbeatable foe, and now I have salsa as a prize.
I even managed to wash the dishes when I was done, just so Alice could use the cutting board as a canvas for her freeze-dried raspberries.

Admittedly, I couldn’t have even done all of that if it wasn’t for the help of a kind friend who helped me can and then proceeded to clean my kitchen while I cleaned Trent’s flesh wound and stopped Alice from slapping him (to keep him from screaming while the rubbing alcohol kicked in? I don’t know…) and Lacy made an artistic representation of the family tree that conveniently didn’t include her younger sister.

Hollywood should make a movie about heroes like us… heroes with a toddler AND enough canned salsa to feed two whole people.

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