After the Sitter Has Gone Away

My kids love the girl we get to babysit. ┬áHeck, we ALL love the girl we get to babysit. ┬áMinutes after she left last night, I went into the kids’ room to find:Photobucket

It was a welcome sight, and I relished it. The details of the picture make it all the more welcome. Look at how exhausted this boy is -his arms out, his mouth open… his head on a baby doll:Photobucket
My son has a really creepy ability to sleep with his eyes open. It has always scared me.Photobucket
Here’s his sister, fast asleep in her Cinderella dress. Photobucket
Yes, yes. We LOVE our babysitter.


  1. Clark sleeps with his eyes open, too–I always have to gently close them because it creeps me out when he starts dreaming and they start moving around.
    I loved this picture. Loved. It. Can I get the number of the girl you have babysit? :)

    • There’s been a few times that my heart has skipped beats and I’ve completely freaked out because I thought my son was dead. Scary, scary. I’m glad I’m not alone though.

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