A Trip, A Thanks, A Favor

I left this weekend.

It was quick and painless and even included a hefty bit of Costa Vida and got me thinking I ought to leave more often. We took our family down to the warm valley and attended the Gilbert Temple Open House.
Alice pointed to everything, “Pri-bee! Pri-bee!”
And I have to agree with her… everything in that temple was pretty. Lacy was in awe the entire time. Trenton was thrilled over the multiple stair cases. Danny was nearly moved to tears by the Celestial Room and I was just so bully gall darn happy to have us all in the Temple at the same time.

Once outside we took a picture which made us realize that
1) When Danny is stressed he loses weight and
2) When Alicia is stressed she gains it.
3) Our children are darling, no matter what we sometimes might believe.

The weather was perfectly warm -short sleeve and sandal kind of weather, and I’m grateful we were able to go as a family and meet up with more family.
The Phoenix area in February is gorgeous enough to make you want to move, but all you have to do is think, ‘I could totally live in this,’ for 5 whole seconds before you remember The Phoenix Area in July.
Yuck, melt, die.
But February?


We stayed the night with my brother and sister in law who put us in stitches watching “Impractical Jokers” and entertained our children by making wooden spears and launching mini marshmallows through the house.
And if you ever want a good hearty laugh, watch my littlest one go after launched mini marshmallows. She doesn’t mess around.

A girl after my own heart, I say. This coming the day after I stress ate half a bag of mini marshmallows…

You guys really are pretty much the best and most amazing people in the entire universe. I’m saying that because you’ve all been so supportive and sweet about my going off gluten. You’ve given me answers and resources and pats on the back.
I’m happy to report that after going not-quite two weeks without gluten my joint pain is almost non-existent. It’s a gigantic miracle. I was in so much pain this last year since the baby was born. I didn’t like talking about it, but I was scared out of my mind because it hurt. so. bad. I’d been dealing with it for 5 years, but this last year was… gosh… helly.
So thank you for that. Really, I appreciate it so much.

I also wanted to thank you for helping me out in my Bubble situation. Several of you reached out quickly after my post, and each of you comforted and cheered me and helped me.

NATURALLY when my husband and I tried for HOURS (as in… the drive down to Mesa and back) to figure out once and for all what we’re going to do for our 10-year anniversary, I finally threw up my hands and said, “I’ll ask my friends.”
And by “friends” I mean you.
And he knew it.

Because I don’t want to taketaketake, I crafted up a gift of Valentines Proportions (okay, Valentines Colors) to give out as a way of thanking you in advance for input.

We don’t have tons of money, and I’m sick of spending gads on time perusing Groupon Getaways.

I just want to know… do you have any go-to spots you love to slip off to when you can? Any dream vacations? Any ideas at all? Tips? Tricks?
Every comment you leave will be one entry to winning (I wish I could give you a million dollars, but) a hot pad and wooden spoon set.

The hot pad is bursting with pink and coral with a little mint and pumpkin thrown in there (dark grey on back). I just love it. After I finished the front, I sat and stared at it and just loved it. Because it was lovely and bright and no one came up behind me and UNcrocheted it. It’s lovely how hot pads STAY DONE.
So refreshing -like a balm to my laundry-sickened soul.

The spoon has hearts on the bottom. Because I love you. And the Valentine’s season is coming and going WAY too fast for my liking.

Please post your comments here and not on facebook because I will lose track of you if you start running social media circles around me.  The comments should include some input as to our 10 year anniversary trip, so you KIND of have to earn your entry.  Sorry about that.  But also desperate about that.

I’ll put all your names into a hat and pick one out on Thursday and mail the package out on Valentine’s morning (FRIDAY!).

Thank you, I love you. I really do.
And I have my Valentines in, so if you want one… send your address my way! And remember: Alicia’s sense of humor is weird. Just keep that in mind as you read your Valentine Postcard from me.


PS: Here’s the Hot Chocolate Float recipe I promised I’d post *cough* (two months ago) *cough*


  1. My husband and I went to Las Vegas for our 2nd anniversary. The trip was really really cheap. We stayed at the BlueGreen Club. It’s a timeshare property that is linked with the Bass Pro Shops stores. You pay around $100 for 2 nights but you get a Bass Pro gift card for around $75 back (or something like that.) You do have to attend a time share presentation. And you have to be VERY FIRM about not signing up (otherwise this little trip could get very expensive). It was fun. The hotel was nice and had almost a full kitchen a washer and dryer, etc. It also had a shower with 2 shower heads. We liked that…TMI????? Anyways, they also have a resort close to the Valley somewhere that you can choose instead. The best thing about it all was that we brought our own food since there was a kitchen. There wasn’t an oven, but the microwave had oven capabilities. One night we ordered pizza to be delivered to us as a treat. It was a blast! This comment is really long. Hope I covered everything!

  2. Danielle Ratkowski says:

    How far are you from Sedona? It is quite lovely and you can walk through the little shops and around the rock formations. It is very serene. Bobby and I have taken the kids all over the western United States and the trip we keep coming back to is when we came through for Dusty and Heather’s wedding and we stopped in Sedona. It just feels GOOD there.

  3. Kourtney Butler says:

    Vegas! Go to Vegas! In the middle of the week they have amazing deals! And you can even catch a show for pretty cheap! Thats what me and Zach used to like to do when we had someone to leave our kids with.

  4. Kourtney Butler says:

    You can also do a resort in Phx. They have good prices this time of year also. And its not as far as vegas. Check out the Pointe Hilton at Squaw Peak. They have amazing pools, and a lazy river you can float in! So much fun!

  5. Kourtney Butler says:

    Also, you can come to this place in they middle of nowhere called Lake Havasu City. There is a river and a lake, and the London Bridge and I know somewhere you can take your kiddos to be watched while playing with long lost friends… (sorry for so many comments, it gets really boring sitting in the car waiting for Brigette.)

  6. Jessi Bushman says:

    Larry and I stayed at the Prescott resort last year? I think? Anyway we got the room off Hotwire for pretty cheap. It was really fun and the resort was nice. We got tickets to watch Brian Regan and had a blast! Happy 10 years to you guys!

  7. You should totally do a quick trip to Phoenix…

  8. …or do a stay-cation minus the kiddos-send them off and the two of you stay home. Cheap and easy.

  9. Or maybe just pick a hotel nearby (I’m thinking Show Low or Snowflake-ish) and your all of the motels and Pioneer homes you can think of!

  10. Ha-can you tell I really want the prize? ;) Another fun place is Laughlin. It’s cheaper than Vegas (and closer, too, I think), and fun to eat out at all the fancy casinos.

  11. One good way to find cheap hotels that’s sort easy is priceline.com… Steve used it when we did a little weekend trip a few weeks ago down to the valley and we stayed in a super nice hotel for only 45 dollars a night. I don’t know if that’s in the budget, but it’s an idea.

  12. Also, to go along with the stay-cation idea, make a list of fun things you’ve always wanted to do around your area (it can be hikes, museums, stopping at every single tourist trap on the 70, anything), and be sure to get a few of those in port day. Also, turn off all cell phone, and only call your kids at night.

  13. Alicia,

    I emailed you some fun getaway ideas. Hope you have fun whatever you decide! :D

  14. You don’t need to put my name in the drawing since I have some of your rockin’ hot pads already and also since I stole a wooden spoon from you, but I still want to comment. :) My vote is still for Salt Lake City! They always have groupons for bed and breakfast places and there are lots of fun things to do! Plus, we have Costa Vida and Cafe Rio! If you don’t want to do SLC it might be fun to go back to Thatcher and reminisce a little. Go to some spots that were meaningful to you guys. BUT…..SLC would probably be cooler. Just sayin’ Ha ha!

  15. Another thought that just hit me (I saw Tia’s response), but St. George is BEAUTIFUL. Tons of stuff for tourists to do! When we went up there for my race, I wished we could’ve had an entire week to hang out there! Thatcher is a better idea, I’ll be honest, but St. George would be fun. Some day. :)

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