The Grand Bubble Pop

I need your help.
and maybe forgiveness.

Here’s the deal. I just really hate Michael Buble. Lacy calls him Michael Bubble. But I’ll get to that in a minute…

He keeps popping up on my Pandora stations -MULTIPLE Pandora stations! It’s as if Pandora assumes I’m supposed to like him, or SHOULD like him. But my wonderful counselor told me, “Alicia, don’t should on yourself.”
I don’t like him (Buble, I mean.  I love my counselor). I once watched a piece of a special about him on TV. He was scootering around backstage, and the lady interviewing him remarked how “real” he was, “even off camera, he was JUST like he was on stage.”
Except he was still on camera.
Just BACK stage.
And I was just irritated muchly over it all. Like, who is he REALLY? What’s his angle? What’s he like off screen, away from cameras? What’s his voice like REALLY? I want emotion filled Michal Buble in a barn, singing to a field of blackbirds… singing about pain or anger or out of controlness!
I feel a certain shallow aspect in his voice, and it bothers me to the point that I can’t get on board.
Thumbs down, Pandora. I’m popping The Bubble.

And then the field of blackbirds I wish Bubble would sing to turned out to be CROW and they’re flying into my mouth. Right now.
It’s Dean Martin’s fault really.
And Pandora’s.
Really, anyone’s fault but my own, naturally.
I wouldn’t even tell you about it but I’m desperate, friends. Can you help?

I was sitting at work listening to my now-Bubble-free Nat King Cole station when Dean Martin popped on and made me cry as he softly sang, “You Belong to Me.” Do you know how stupid you can feel sitting in an Auto Shop Office, surrounded by men listening to Metallica… crying your eyes out because you’re JUST SURE Dean Martin wants to marry you?!

I went home and listened to the song again. I played it for my husband. And then Lacy. And Lacy took it a step farther -she pulled up youtube on our playstation and streamed “You Belong to Me” by Jason Wade, Dean Martin, and thennnnn
“Michael Bubble?” *giggles* “That’s a silly name!”
And as he sang, I melted right there on the spot. I need this song. I went directly to iTunes, plucking crow from my teeth as I went.
And guess what? IT’S NOT THERE. I can not find this song or CD anywhere. I’ve exhausted my means! Now it’s down to prayer and friends.
Can you find this song? Do you know a way I can get my hands on this track?! Do I have to write The Bubble and ask HIM?! And confess how I’d like to hear his real voice with real emotions because I can’t listen to him anymore?!?!? You guys, this is all so conflicting.
Help me, Rhonda.


  1. Amazon has it available for download.

  2. Ok, I was wrong. BUT I found a site where you can download the whole album.

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