Tipsy Tricksy

This past week, I’ve tried a few ideas I found online and fell in love. Since it is FINALLY the month of love (my favorite!), I’m going to share them with you.
Because I love them.
And I love you.

No really. I do.

The first is putting baby power in hair. I’ve done this before, but it was 2002 and I was playing the part of Mammy in our high school production of Lil’ Abner.

It made me look like an old lady.
This week, I applied my Ol’ Mammy trick to my hair, and it worked wonders. I’ve had such a busy week, friends. I’ve been hopping from one thing to another. This meant I had time for a shower, but time to wash my hair?
Have you SEEN my hair lately? It’s been on the back burner of Things I Care About, falling behind House and Home, Sleep, and Eating.
As I woke up and got ready to be with Mom at the hospital, I did NOT have time for an hour and a half of washing, drying, and curling. So I pulled my baby powder out, sprinkled some on my hands and rubbed it here and there throughout my hair.

The grease that was in my slept-on hair left. My hair didn’t scream “DAY OLD SLEPT ON UNKEMPT HORRIBLE HYGIENE POOR HUMAN!”
I was able to spend time with mom and my hair took it’s rightful seat behind priorities, like helping Mom with her physical therapy.

And when I woke up late for work a few days ago, I used the same trick -keep in mind that I hadn’t washed my hair since SUNDAY -and the results were again satisfactory. Obviously fresh hair would be preferred, but when life comes at you as fast as it did this week, baby powder is a great option.
Of course all hair is different, and I can’t vouch for your variety. I usually wash my hair every other day, but I can go as long as 4 days without washing it without it being totally obvious.
And now with baby powder on my side, I can go at least 7 days IF I HAVE TO (hopefully I won’t always have to!).
Here’s my hair last night, at the end of the 5th day without washing it, two baby powder applications:

Sorry about the blurry face Trenton! It’s the best picture I could find that had my hair in it, even then it’s not all that great.
You can Google more about it, or you can just try it. I started with a very small amount and just did my best to wing it. It worked really well for me.

My husband has been working hard to help me with housework. I used to have a great routine nailed down, and I miss it. With a one year old and a job, any remnants of a Working Routine are scarce… rare… okay, extinct.
I came home from the hospital on Wednesday, and my house was clean. My husband cleaned it and I appreciated it SO much. I even texted him in ALL CAPS to tell him JUST HOW MUCH I APPRECIATE HIM. He and I had worked together earlier in the week to clean our oven burners using ammonia and zip locs.

cleaning oven burners

CLICK HERE for image and link to instructions (just click the picture).

Burners are the bane of my existence. Burners and goatheads. and math.
I’m so happy to have found something that will help me on my way!

And also because I love you, I’m going to share my pictures from last night of My Baby Alice (TM).
She found her way into the Polly Pocket bins… my sweet cousin gave Lacy two bins full of Polly Pockets. Every kid who comes over loves playing with them, and Alice is no different. We keep a closer eye on her while she’s around them because of all the small parts. She was SO PROUD of herself. This picture is just adorable unto me.

Even better… a few seconds later, she wanted OUT and couldn’t. I snapped this picture and sent to my husband, “Polly can’t figure out how to get out of her pocket.”

Can I just keep going? At this point, it’s less about my love for you and more about my love for Alice. Her sad faces are the cutest thing since… puppies.


And this last one we’re going back to my love for you… I wouldn’t show you this if I didn’t love you enough to make you feel better about yourself.
I took a bath, okay? That’s ALL I did. And I only took one long enough to shave my harribly neglected legs.
And LOOK! She’s like the most adorable tornado ever! How can I ever keep up?

Look at her clapping her hands… Good Gaming herself.

Anyone have any tips or tricks on Keeping Up with a One Year Old? Yeesh.


  1. If I had tips or tricks, my house wouldn’t look the way it does right now.
    I’m glad you’re such a good example of having priorities exactly where they should be.

  2. Hi, i love your blog! its just great, I just found it, and already its my faivorute blog! Its like your blogging from my heart :-)Go ahead..I say it with a smile like this wonderful lady! smilla

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