What’s My Deal?

The title of this post makes it sound like some kind of game show.  I do wish I had some HUGE cash prizes for those of you (if any) who can answer the following questions:

#1) Why do I keep confusing my BLEACH SPRAY with my CARPET CLEANER? Their spray bottles are similar, yes.  But the bleach spray bottle is dark yellow and the carpet cleaner bottle is dark red.  Through some miracle, you can’t tell where I’ve sprayed bleach on my carpet, but this HAS TO STOP before it gets ugly.

#2) Why do I cut and collect coupons and then always forget to use them -whether it’s because I left them at home or because I simply forget they’re in my pocket/wallet (despite the fact that I’ve thought about using them while I was shopping)?


  1. Bwah ha ha ha ha……yes, very good thing indeed your carpet is none the wiser.

    SOOOOO, what’s your mailing address? Email it to me: kourtneymrivera@gmail.com


  2. I totally have the same problem (#2). :D

  3. Do you shop with a list? I do, and when I have a coupon I write coupon next to the item…my sister actually goes to the extent of taping the coupon to the item when she puts it in her cart lol.

    • That is classic! What a great idea! If I didn’t have tape-obsessed children, I would totally do that. Or if I actually got the chance to shop without the children…

  4. I’ve started couponing too. I was told the best thing is a three ring binder and those clear plastic pages for baseball cards or in my case pokemon cards, to organize all your great coupons. Who knew my little brothers would have had such foresight!

    • That is smart! If I ever start seriously couponing, I’ll snag one up. Right now, I only take one coupon along with me. And I forget it every time.

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