I sort of off-handedly made a remark a few days ago to my daughter about going on a date.  A GIRL date.  I didn’t think much of it.

“We need a girl date, huh Lace?” I said and then thought about what to make for dinner.

She set immediately to making plans.

“I needa change!” She said, running into her room and rooting through her drawers for JUST the right outfit.

I had to explain to her that we weren’t going out right then, and she accepted that under the condition that we fix an actual date and time.  So we did.

Denny’s.  Friday afternoon.  Pre-dinner cake.Photobucket
We split one piece. I had originally planned on splitting a milkshake with her, but when she saw the big picture of the moist slice of chocolate cake… it was all over. It’s always been like that with chocolate and Lacy.Photobucket
It’s hereditary, I think.Photobucket
The next day, I found her on another date. I mean, I didn’t know it was a date. She had to tell me. But after she did… it was totally obvious. I don’t know how I didn’t see it before.

She went all out. There’s even a BLANKET over the Lightening McQueen table.

Please don’t ask me to explain the tiny whisk in my son’s mouth.
I can’t.
But I can tell you this: that chocolate cake was delish.


  1. i don’t know how i’ve never come across your blogs. they are fantastic and i am completely amused reading them, as i sit here bored at work. i totatlly love you cousin.:) you have an ability to share your life with everyone, one that i keep in private in a diary. you see, i do not have the talent to write as you do. this is awesome and i will keep reading all the new ones you post. hoo rah cousin!! good for you!!

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