We Are Family

Last year, I took family pictures pretty soon after Halloween. Because I was pregnant and due during the Christmas season, I put our tree up pretty fast. I made and assembled the traditional gingerbread house. We took pictures in our home wearing what we felt comfortable in.
I will forever treasure the pictures from that photo shoot. My aunt Cat worked so nicely with us as we wrestled in our front room and took a time out to take pictures of my big belly.

This year, I didn’t have the energy to do pictures of my natural life. I didn’t have what it took to clean my house so we could live in it because the baby has been born and within the last month or so, she has gone seriously active.

This year, I was firm in my decision to put myself 100% in Cat’s hands. I wanted her to do the posing, the location, the everything. I went to Wal-Mart and bought a few new shirts that were void of stains and glued some fake eyelashes on myself because I’ve learned from past experience that stains show up in pictures and eyelashes do not.

In 45 minutes, Cat produced some phenomenal (Lacy’s new favorite word, in case you were wondering) family pictures. I’m so proud of them!
I love the location. I love that our clothes aren’t so matchy-match that they distract from everything else (I’m only saying that because I don’t actually know how to matchy-match). I love that there’s no stains (for ONCE!) and I love that you can see our personalities.

There’s Alice Michelle who was teething and more excited about fallen leaves than the camera:

And who gets mad when OTHER children are allowed to dig in and play but SHE has to be HELD (the audacity of some parents)…

There’s Trenton who is a boy. and five.

He’s also handsome and funny, if he’d ever let you have the chance to see that side of him.
I love him.

And Danny loves him.

There’s Lacy who smiles and poses always. And who wants nothing but two front teeth.

And there’s us. The us that made them.

The us that laugh when the other whispers, “I farted…”

The us that loves them.

And when we all come together, it looks a little like:
Carefree Lacy
Laughing Trenton
Disinterested Alice
Concerned Mama
Proud Papa


  1. Other Aunt Julie says:

    The last official photo session that our family had, was when Jill’s two front teeth were out. It seems like a lifetime has happened since then, they grow up so fast! I love your pictures! And your blog.

  2. Ohhhh look at all the pretty people!

    Also, your hair is something truly incredible.

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