Candles, Cake and Cream (Ice)

I think I’ve already serenaded you with my ol’ “I love making birthday cakes but I’m not good at it” song.
My cakes are like those X-Factor auditions where the contestant is totally enjoying themselves while the judges are making the same faces they generally make when someone with long nails drags them the length of the chalkboard.

Kind of like THIS. Minus the rudeness and water throwing… because if someone told me I wasn’t a NATURAL cake maker, I’d just agree with them.

This year, Trenton asked for a Red Samurai Power Ranger Cake. I bought some red and black frosting (at Wal-Mart! When did they start carrying fancy frosting? Best day ever!) and whipped up my own batch of white. I introduced the kids to “The Emperor’s New Groove” while I free-handed his cake.

I don’t really BELIEVE in low expectations, but sometimes they’re awesome… like when you have low expectations of a movie and it exceeds them and makes your night or when you have low expectations of your cake making abilities and end up thinking every cake you make is good to go.
I was proud of my lopsided Samurai sign. What would I do without Google Images?

Trenton thought it was the coolest thing ever and couldn’t wait to plop his Red Power Ranger in the middle of it.

We sang to him:

And then he huffed and puffed aaaaaand!

***Disclaimer: Any abrupt subject changing in this post is wholly the fault of my helping my five year old build his new Chima lego set.***

At this point in the party, my husband took over on taking pictures and all the rest of the pictures have followed the fate of Alice’s goat petting pictures.
They’re lost.
In the Labyrinth.
Of Droidness.

Trenton was given a new set of Chima legos, a Chima movie, a Power Rangers shirt and a box of K’nex and a slingshot.
The K’nex were my idea. Trenton is always snatching up odds and ends and making weapons and equipment with them. One day in a mechanic shop can yield his a week’s worth of stray parts.
So I bought K’nex out of the goodness of my heart and the sincere longing to stop tripping over greasy old wiper blades Trent dug out of Hansen’s Auto trash.
In addition to our gifts, he got some John Deere legos from his cousins and some inflatable dinosaurs from his aunt and some amazing guns from his grandparents (of the Nerf variety).
As I was packing the party up, he came up to me with his irresistable big brown eyes and said, “May I have some cake?”

I MELTED! The BIRTHDAY boy had been so busy with his presents and cousins that he FORGOT to eat his own cake!

I had offered him some earlier and he claimed he wasn’t hungry.

Happy Birthday to my very favorite boy in the entire world.
Now I’ll get off the computer and we can build some serious Chima awesomeness.

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