Things That Make You Go

“Crap! Crap! Crap!”

(Lacy sang one of the songs she’s written to Alice while she fed last night. I was running late for an appointment, and Lacy helped to feed her. I came out and found a singing Lacy wiping a sleeping Alice off with a wipe. I sure hated waking that sweet baby!)

(You can’t see the loose top tooth she keeps wiggling at me. It makes me squirm.)

(They’re growing up!!! This wasn’t in my blueprints! I was supposed to have children! CHILDren! They weren’t supposed to grow UP. They’re not following my blueprint, and they’re not even sorry.)

(At least Alice is staying little. I can’t keep weight on this 13 pounder for ANYTHING. At least she’s doing her best to be obedient. If she could talk, I’d have her talk some sense into those OTHER two.)

(This is what happens when you ask Trenton to please put a banana in the diaper bag. He’s so thorough.)

“Get the camera QUICK!”
(This is what happens when you let the new dog out and there’s kitten afoot. They run atree.)

“Do I HAVE to?…”
(It’s officially time to give the kitties away. If they’d stay kittens forever, I’d keep them ALL. They bring so much light into my life. Having a gaggle of kittens is medicine to the soul. You should try it sometime. I don’t want to part with my babies.)


  1. Ashley Madsen says:

    The banana– HAHAHA!! Oh Trent.
    And seriously– the blue print– WHY AREN’T THESE KIDS FOLLOWING THE BLUE PRINT?! I text Coby that Beckham was standing up on his own in the middle of the room a week or 2 ago and Coby text back to knock him over every time so he wouldn’t learn how to stand. haha

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