Yesterday our little town was rocked.
Little western towns hate being rocked, you know. They’re full of conservatives with boots and guns and snail mail.

But despite their strict policy against change and upheaval, life sometimes -oftentimes -deals a rocky hand.

My cousin and his buddy were late to football practice. They were rushing to get there as quickly as possible on a quad.
They hit the side of a school bus -the very school bus my daughter was riding home in.
“Sorry I’m late, Mom,” she said as she bounded through the door, “I just had to switch buses about the boy hitting our bus.”
Say wha?
I probed to know more, but that was all she gave me. Minutes later the news came. The Boy was my cousin.
My husband came home from work -he works with first responders and the justice system -and gently told me how bad it was. He gave details I shouldn’t have wanted to hear but couldn’t rest until I did.
And then I did the only thing I could do besides cry… I hit my knees and prayed for those two Golden Hometown Boys on their way to football practice.

Pleading, begging, pleading, begging, breathing deep and acknowledging the Lord’s will. My husband gathered our family together and said a heartfelt prayer on the boys’ behalves. The news coming in was not good.
My cousin, Connor, had been taken by helicopter to the nearest hospital equipped to care for him. There was internal bleeding, brain bleeding, a skull fracture, the dreaded words, “it isn’t looking good.”
I took deep breaths and watched the clouds, the kittens, the cars on the highway flying by… all totally unaware that the world had just been rocked.

This morning we fasted and wore BLUE for our boys.

The word coming back now -I’m relieved to tell you -is good.
The boys are both in the hospital, but they’re recovering. My cousin, who suffered the bulk of the impact, had x rays and CT scans done. The result? All of the broken bones in his face are in the right place. They didn’t need to open him up for surgery. The CT scan showed no long term brain damage.


How great The Love: the love of a family, a community, our GOD.

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