Good Morning.

I’m suspicious.

I think someone fed my baby a few adult-size spoonfuls of sugar sometime yesterday. Getting her to sleep was so far beyond ridiculous.
(“That so ‘dicious, it’s REdiculous.” -can you name that movie?)

I snuggled up in bed with her, and she nursed. She was so hungry to nurse… her back arching, her head rooting. She latched on and guzzled. I took a deep breath and relaxed. It wouldn’t be long now, and we’d both be asleep… fast, fast asleep.


You know when kittens nurse, how they use their paws to dig into their mamas? She is like a kitten. Correction: a tiger cub. She was a tiger cub last night, digging her palms into my skin and slowly making fists -which meant my skin was being pinched by the tiniest hands in this household.

A painful little alarm.
I switched sides. I tried patting her, rubbing her back.
She blew raspberries WHILE nursing (which was only cute the first 15 times).
I continued to switch sides, I softly blew in her face in an attempt to discourage all the spitting. She decided to try and talk while she nursed.

“Alice… go so sleeeeeep,” her Dad said. He reached over to caress her crazy-haired head, and one little arm flew backward, landing on her Daddy’s face. She quickly rolled to look at him, quickly rolled back to me, rooted her head…
I scooped her up and held her tight, attempting to calm the crazy.

I’m seriously SUSPICIOUS that SOMEONE fed my baby mass amounts of sugar sometimes yesterday. And I solemnly swear that if and when it happens again, I will drop The Tiger Cub off at the Sugar Feeders house and let them try go through the Da-Guh Raspberries Game.

I slept very fitfully (as did the Alice) and dreamed that I was traveling in luxury with the cast from The Great Gatsby (which I haven’t even seen).
I woke up this morning with an aching body.

Today is promising to be lazy. At best, the kids and I will get all of the puzzles they dumped out onto their floor organized.
In the meantime, I give you Safe Alice (aka: what happens when Trenton -who is afraid of a lot of scary things in life -is left alone with baby Alice and he wants to make sure she doesn’t hurt herself):

I won’t lie… I wouldn’t complain if Trenton surrounded me with pillows and put a blanket on me. I’m tired.

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