I was sitting in the waiting area of our Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor when the call came in.
My Dad wondered if Lacy would be home by 5:30… she had been invited to accompany Grandpa and Cousin Elly on a Journey.
They would make the journey on their bikes!

The thrill was almost too much for my little Lacy, who giggled with glee at the mention of THE Phone Call. I realized that Lacy had never gone so far on her bike, and we needed to stop on our way home from the Doctor and buy her a bike helmet.
(which of course meant that we had to buy TWO helmets because Trenton can’t be left out.)

We got home at 5:00. Lacy strapped her carefully selected helmet on (and applied a lot of make-up because you must be FABULOUS for journeys) and waited.

She perched herself at the end of the driveway and waited.

“Mom, did he forget?”
“Mom, you better call Grandpa.”
“Mom, you really need to call him.”

“Lacy, I’m not Grandpa’s Mom. I’m sure he hasn’t forgotten.”
“Then WHEN, Mom?”
In what felt like an eternity (by Lacy’s standards) she finally caught a glimpse of… THEM.
“She bounded off her bike and into the house, running rampant around the yard, arms flailing, “THEY’RE COMING!”
Paul Revere would have been so proud.

“Them” was, of course, Aunt MariJoe, Cousin Elly, Cousin Kylie, Cousin Jens, and… GRANDPA!
Can you find them?

This was a big deal -a JOURNEY. JUST the big girl cousins. JUST Grandpa.

“Bye, Mom! Bye! I’ll miss you!”

I was worried that she wouldn’t hold up through the entire ride, but she DID. I’m so impressed.

Kylie and Jens came inside to play for a few minutes, but not before I could snap a picture of Jens all bundled up (his male-themed helmet is in the Coming Soon stage -it’s hard having only older sisters):

Not to be outdone by her mother’s cool passenger, Kylie had brought along a few of her own passengers:

I’m still pretty in-awe that my daughter made it all the way to the edge of town on her little training-wheel clad bike. I’m proud of her!
Here’s her “after” picture:

Thanks, Grandpa!
And, just in case you’re experiencing any negative emotions right now… here’s a quick cure from Alice Michelle:

You smiled.

Admit it…

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