SIX Months!

I can’t believe it’s been six months.
I also can’t believe I haven’t had this girl in my life ALL OF THE TIME. She just makes sense with me. It’s like she’s always been there, even though she wasn’t.

Or maybe I’m just so sleep-deprived that I can’t recall my life before December. It’s likely.

She’s learning how to sit up. She refuses to take a bottle, even if it’s filled with Mama Milk. She loves feeling like she is part of our family (don’t leave her in the bouncer while the rest of us eat dinner or ELSE). She loves sleeping with Mom. Lacy is her favorite person in the whole world. When she’s upset, she uses the “D” syllable.
When she’s irate, she uses the hard “B” syllable.
You really have to be here to hear it.

(Caption the top left picture. for fun.)
She loves sticking out her tongue. She loves blowing raspberries. She loves anything that crinkles -tissue paper, wrappers, toy plush books that make special crinkly noises. She loves HAIR and will reach out to feel it (or hold it hostage, if you’ve got enough).

She’s started sitting up. She’s started laughing.
Her favorite television show is Eebee Baby. Her favorite game is Patty-Cakes (use her feet. always her feet). She loves it when I hold her as tightly as I can and say, “You are LOVED!”

And she really really is.

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