Feeling Good Jeep Radio

Last night, we had a Family Home Evening on Music and what a gift it is. We talked about how music can be something to help us feel better when we’re feeling badly.
I played different songs for the kids and asked them how the songs made them feel.
“Guys,” I said, “There’s SO many other feelings that just ‘good.’ You can say, ‘silly, crazy, goofy, happy, strong, sad, yucky’ -think about what the song makes you want to do!”

After that it was a free-for-all.
“It makes me want to take a horse in a horse pen and grab his feet and FFFFFFrow it outta there!”
Okay, Trent… whatever floats your Feelings Boat.

After listening to several songs, I told the kids we were going to make a CD for our family. We were going to fill it full of songs that make our family feel good.
“When one of us is feeling badly, we can listen to the music and it will help,” I said, “What should we call the CD?”
“Feeling Good Music,” Lacy said.
“Jeep Radio!” said Trenton.

Feeling Good Jeep Radio.
It’s our album.
I want to share it with you.

#1) I Am His Daughter Nicole Sheahan -added by Lacy and Alicia
#2) Made In America Toby Keith -added by Lacy and Trenton
#3) Red Solo Cup Toby Keith -added by Lacy and Trenton
#4) What Makes You Beautiful The Piano Guys -added by everyone
#5) Folsom Prison Blues (The Voice Performance) Midas Whale added by Trenton
#6) Grace Kelly MIKA -added by Alicia
#7) Walk Like a Man Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons -added by Lacy
#8) A Little More Country Than That Easton Corbin -added by Alicia
#9) Pecos Bill Roy Rogers -added by Lacy and Trenton
#10) Corn Fed Shannon Brown -added by Lacy
#11) Beautiful Boy Ben Harper -added by Mom because it reminds her of Trenton
#12) If I Had $1,000,000 Barenaked Ladies -added by Lacy and Trenton
#13) Chicken Fried Zac Brown Band -added by Lacy and Trenton
#14) One Woman Man Josh Turner -added by Danny, approved by Alicia
#15) Eye Candy Josh Turner -added by Danny
#16) Fallen Angels Black Veil Brides -added by Danny and Trenton
#17) In the End Black Veil Brides -added by Danny and Trenton
#18) I’d Rather Be With You Joshua Radin -added by Danny
#19) Colors (Acoustic Version) Amos Lee -added by Danny
#20)Kung Fu Fighting Carl Douglas -added by Alicia FOR the kiddos

Alice didn’t approve of any of our antics and screamed throughout the entire activity.
Our taste in music isn’t up to her standards.

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